BREAKING: Israeli PM Netanyahu fires defense minister over calling for halt to judicial overhaul

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired his defense minister on Sunday, a day after Yoav Gallant called for a halt to the planned overhaul of Israel’s judiciary that has fiercely divided the country.

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BREAKING: Israeli PM Netanyahu fires defense minister over calling for halt to judicial overhaul

Tarek Osman

Modern Egypt — (XXIII) The political writer

Egyptian writer Mohamed Hassanein Heikal occupied the summit of Arab journalism and political writing for over six decades, writes Tarek Osman in his series of articles on the makers of modern Egyptian culture.

Al-Ahram Weekly Editorial

A Turkish détente?

The high level visit by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu to Cairo this week, the first in 10 years, is definitely a good sign.

Mahmoud Mohieldin

Combating a new banking crisis

News of problems at three major banks in the US and Europe has brought back worried memories of the 2008 global financial crisis.
Stage & Street

It’s no joke: club helps Jordanians win comedy gold

When life gave them lemons, two Jordanians launched a club to train people in the art of comedy in a country where years of economic woes have left little to laugh about.


Amr Mostafa releases new single dedicated to his mom on Mother's Day

Egyptian singer and songwriter Amr Mostafa released a new single on his official YouTube channel as a tribute to his own mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in Egypt on 21 March.


Ancient Egypt’s Ramses II temple reveals animal mummy menagerie

Excavation work carried out by an American mission from New York University at the temple of Ramses II in Abydos has stumbled upon a menagerie of mummified animals that provides previously undocumented evidence of cultic worship through the ages.


Grand Egyptian Museum offers guided tours to Atrium and commercial area starting Wednesday

The Grand Egyptian Museum started on Wednesday to offer a limited number of guided tours in the areas that were handed over to Legacy Development and Management, both a subsidiary of Hassan Allam Holding and the company entrusted with operating the services in the museum complex.


In Photos: Egypt’s first complete Zodiac uncovered in Luxor's Temple of Esna

Egypt’s first complete Zodiac was uncovered on the ceiling of the Temple of Esna in Luxor governorate during restoration work carried out by an Egyptian-German expedition.


In Photos: German-Egyptian archaeological mission uncovers new remains at Matariya’s Sun Temple

The German-Egyptian archaeological mission has recently uncovered remains of Matariya’s Sun Temple in the areas west and south of the Heliopolis Open Air Museum in Matariya on the outskirts of Cairo.


What does the name Ramadan mean?

Ahram Online delves into the names of the Islamic Months and their significance.


March of Egyptian Women: Doria Shafik

In our second article of the March of Egyptian Women series, we present you Doria Shafik, also known as the Daughter of the Nile.


Lenhart and Landrock: Of Egypt's photographic memory

Lenhart and Landrock (L&L), one of Egypt's oldest bookshops, photographic collections and publishing houses, is publishing a new book that documents almost 100 years of their work in Egypt.


Coronation souvenirs boost struggling English ceramics industry

Just six weeks before King Charles III is crowned at Westminster Abbey on May 6, an historic English pottery is working flat out to meet demand for the fine bone china souvenirs.


Tuberculosis deaths rising again in Europe: WHO

The number of tuberculosis deaths in Europe is on the rise again after declining for almost two decades, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned.


UK, Egypt celebrate 7 years of science partnership under Newton-Mosharafa Fund

British and Egyptian government officials celebrated on Monday seven years of cooperation between the two countries under the Newton-Mosharafa Fund, which supports research and innovation programmes to advance economic development and social welfare, tackle global challenges and develop talent and careers.


Egyptian marathoner Manal Rustom: Scaling summits

On 5 March, Manal Rustom, a marathoner and mountaineer, completed the prestigious Tokyo Marathon, becoming the first Egyptian woman to have completed all six Abbott World Marathon Majors. The six marathons are held annually in Tokyo, New York, Boston, London, Chicago, and Berlin.


Cairo's Italian Cultural Institute hosts exhibition on art techniques

The Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo is currently putting on an exhibition titled “Arte e Saperi” (Arts and Knowlegde) by artist Gerardo Lo Russo, showcasing many of the techniques used today to create art.

Maqha Paradiso (Paradise Café) by Sherif El-Asfoury, Mahrousa Center for Publishing, Press and Information Services, Cairo 2022.

Al Harb Fi Al Sharq (War in the East) Zein Abdel-Hady, Cairo, Battana Publishing, 2022.

The literary world mourns the loss of Abdul Rahman Majeed Al-Rubaie, a renowned Iraqi writer who passed away at the age of 83 after battling an illness.

In his second novel, Demiana’s Testament Dr. Osama El-Shazli’s tackles another historical period between 1146 and 1161 AD during the late phase of the Shiite Fatimid Dynasty’s rule of Egypt.