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Activist Alaa Abdel-Fattah has not been mistreated in prison: Egypt’s prosecution

Egypt’s public prosecution said in a statement on Thursday that political activist Alaa Abdel-Fattah has denied being mistreated in prison.

Cairo court issues gag order on murder case of TV presenter Shaimaa Gamal

The Cairo Court of Appeals has issued a media gag order on the murder trial of judge Ayman Haggag and another defendant, who are accused of killing Haggag’s wife, TV presenter Shaimaa Gamal, in June.

Cairo court sentences two to prison in health ministry bribery case

A Cairo criminal court has sentenced a man to 10 years in prison and another to one year for abuse of power and receiving bribe to reverse a decision to close an unlicensed private hospital in what has been locally dubbed “the health ministry bribery case.”

Egyptian authorities release human rights lawyer Mohamed Ramadan pending investigation

Egyptian authorities released on Monday pretrial detainee and human rights lawyer Mohamed Ramadan pending investigation.

Criminal court calls for airing execution of murderer of university student Nayera Ashraf

A Mansoura criminal court called for airing the execution of Mohamed Adel, the student who was sentenced to death for stabbing and slaughtering his university colleague Nayera Ashraf.

727 Egyptian prisoners released by presidential pardon on anniversary of July 1952 Revolution

Egypt’s Ministry of Interior announced on Saturday the release of 727 prisoners as per a presidential pardon on the 70th anniversary of the July 1952 Revolution.

Egyptian prosecution detains bus driver that collided with truck killing 23 in Minya

The Egyptian Public Prosecution has ordered the detention of a bus driver for four days pending investigation after colliding with a truck on Tuesday killing 23 passengers and injuring 29 others.

Egyptian authorities release more pretrial detainees

Egyptian authorities ordered the release of several pretrial detainees pending investigations, member of Presidential pardon committee and prominent lawyer Tarek El-Awady announced on his social media accounts on Saturday.

Egypt's prosecution detains driver in deadly canal accident pending investigations

Egypt's Public Prosecution ordered on Thursday the detention of an 18-year-old man for four days pending an investigation into accusations of negligence in the death of four children after the bus he was driving overturned and fell into El-Salam Canal.

1270 Egyptian prisoners released by presidential pardon on Eid El-Adha

Egypt’s Ministry of Interior has announced the release of 1,270 prisoners as per a presidential pardon on the occasion of Eid El-Adha, which started on Saturday.

Egyptian prosecution charges husband of TV presenter Shaimaa Gamal with premediated murder

The Egyptian Public Prosecution has referred Ayman Haggag, the husband of murdered TV presenter Shaimaa Gamal, and another defendant to criminal trial on charges of premeditated murder.

Egyptian authorities release 60 pretrial detainees: Pardon committee

Egyptian authorities ordered the release of 60 pretrial detainees in what is described by members of the Presidential Pardon Committee as the biggest release of pretrial detainees since its re-activation in April.

Public Prosecution investigating false news against former PM Mahlab: Statement

Egypt’s Prosecutor General announced on Wednesday that he ordered an investigation into a complaint by former PM Ibrahim Mahlab against a man who claimed that the former premier was arrested after transferring billions of Egyptian pounds abroad.

Court hands death sentence to Nayera Ashraf's accused murderer

Mansoura Criminal Court has sentenced Mohamed Adel, the accused killer of Mansoura University student Nayera Ashraf to death on Wednesday.

Husband of TV presenter Shaimaa Gamal detained on murder charges pending investigations

The Public Prosecution ordered on Friday the detention of the husband of Egyptian TV presenter Shaimaa Gamal, a member of a judicial authority, on premeditated murder charges pending investigation.

Husband accused of murdering TV presenter Shaimaa Gamal arrested: Egypt’s interior ministry

Egypt's Ministry of Interior announced on Thursday the arrest of a judicial authority member who is accused of murdering his wife, TV presenter Shaimaa Gamal, and hiding her body.

Court sentences 10 to death, 56 to life; acquits 43 in 'Helwan Brigades' terror case

A High Emergency State Security Criminal Court sentenced on Tuesday 10 to death and 56 others to life imprisonment for carrying out premeditated deadly attacks on police personnel and civilians among other terror crimes in the case known as “Helwan Brigades”.

Court issues preliminary death sentence to man accused in murder of Mansoura student Nayera Ashraf

Mansoura Criminal Court issued a preliminary verdict sentencing Mohamed Adel to death on charges of premeditated murder of student Nayera Ashraf in Mansoura last week.

Prosecution finds body of TV presenter Shaimaa Gamal; orders arrest of husband on accusations of murder

The Public Prosecution announced on Monday night that it found the body of TV presenter Shaimaa Gamal and ordered the arrest of her husband, a judicial authority member, to question him on accusations of killing his wife.

2 sentenced to 15 years, fined EGP 28 mln in Sohag's 2021 deadly trains collision trial

A Sohag Criminal Court issued a verdict sentencing seven people up to 15 years of prison on Tuesday in the trial of the deadly train collision in March 2021 leaving 21 people dead and dozens wounded, in addition to estimated losses of more than EGP 25 million.

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