Egypt - Attack on Egypt Copts

The Two Saints Church: Coptic pain and resolve, one year later

One year on from the bombing of the Two Saints Church in Alexandria, Coptic Christians remain concerned about discrimination and religious extremism, but say they will remain engaged on the political scene, no matter what

Coptic Priest found dead in southern Egypt

Speculation surrounds the priest's death

General attorney bans media from covering Alexandria church attack investigation

Investigations to be carried out away from the public glare

Palestinian group behind Egypt church bombing, says interior minister

Interior minister reveals the identity of the perpetrators of the New Year's Eve church attack

Egypt government fails to heal wounds of sectarian violence, analysts say

Analysts tell Ahram Online that the government's failure to respond decisively to the church attack has stirred Muslims and Copts to unite

Death penalty satisfies Copts

A year after the shootings outside a church in Naga Hammadi which left seven dead, the death sentence handed out to one of the perpetrators is met with approval by Copts

Naga Hammadi copts murderer sentenced to death

Judge sentences one of the three responsible for the targeted killing in Naga Hammadi of Copts leaving church after Christmas mass in January 2010

Verdict expected tomorrow for the case of sectarian violence in Naga Hammadi

The Emergency State Security Court is expected to issue verdict for the Naga Hammadi sectarian violence case

Egypt's opposition demands unified law for building houses of worship

Egypt's opposition parties demand that the government take the attack on the Two Saints Church seriously and work to uproot the underlying causes of current sectarian tensions

Trial of pro-Copt Muslim activists adjourned till next Thursday

Trial of activists involved in protests for solidarity with Copts following the New Year's Eve attack was postponed after today's hearing

Egypt train shooting suspect transferred to State Security Tribunal

Amer Ashour, the policeman accused in the Samalout train shooting, was transferred to the State Security Tribunal by the General Prosecutor

Copts protest Egypt train shooting

The area surrounding the Citadel was turned on Wednesday night into the scene of another round of clashes between Copts and the police

Eye witness describes the Egypt train shooting

Passenger reveals how the gunman fired indiscriminately as he moved through the carriage, targeting neither Copts nor Muslims

Egypt's train victims undergo surgery in Cairo

Victims of the Samalout shooting are being treated at Cairo's Nasser Institute, where three critical operations were performed

Egypt train shooting not sectarian, claims government

Egyptian officials keen to portray the fatal shooting as nothing to do with the country's current sectarian tensions

Train shooting in Samalout reenacted

Investigation into the train shooting continues

Copt killed and 5 others wounded in a train shooting in Samalout, Egypt

A gunman boarded a train in Samalout (Southern Egypt) and opened fire on Tuesday, killing a Copt and wounding five others

Egyptian MPs attack European parliament for 'meddling' after church explosion

MPs accuse the EU of using the Twin Saints Church attack as an opportunity to spread lies about Egypt while the Egyptian government, Israel and hardline Islamists aren't spared either

Government under pressure to address Coptic grievances

The terrorist attack on the Two Saints Church brought the government under immense pressure to issue a new law regulating the construction of worship places in Egypt

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