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Book Review: Our Oppressors, will there be justice?

Hayth Yaskon El-General (Where the General Dwells), by Ziad Mohafza, Amman, Jordan: Dar Fadaat Publishing House, 2017

INTERVIEW: Mohamed Afifi challenges historical narratives in new novel

From the thick volumes of history on the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt that have consumed years of his academic work, historian Mohamed Afifi decided to dig out the story of the historical figure Mu’allem Ya'coub Hana (General Ya'coub) for his first novel, titled ‘Ya’coub’.

Excerpts from the novel Ya'coub by Mohamed Afifi

The following is an excerpt from the first novel by historian and author Mohamed Afifi - Ya'coub.

INTERVIEW: Mahmoud AbdelShakour on the elusive questions of love

Literary critic Mahmoud AbdelShakour talked to Ahram Online about Habiba Kama Rawaha Nadim (Habiba as Recollected by Nadim), his first novel that approaches some of the most complex questions of love, obsession, joy and pain.

Excerpts from Mahmoud AbdelShakour's first novel ‘Habiba as Recollected by Nadim‘

The following is an excerpt from the first novel of literary critic and author Mahmoud AbdelShakour, Habiba Kama Rawaha Nadim - "Habiba as Recollected by Nadim".

Book Review: Saida... Slavery... Middle Eastern style

Writer Shahinaz El-feky was very clear that her novel is a fictional work based on historical events, but once the reader begins reading it, he or she gets the impression that El-Feky was writing a piece of history in 'Saida: Malhamet el Eshq we alhorreya.'

INTERVIEW: Iraqi poet Dunya Mikhail shares her thoughts on her first novel The Bird Tattoo

The novel narrates a fascinating and painful journey of a Yazidi woman who is held captive by IS, in the north of Iraq. She escapes the clutches of the organisation and is reunited with some family members

Excerpts from 'The Bird Tattoo' debut novel by Dunya Mikhail

In her first novel 'The Bird Tatto,' Iraqi poet, Dunya Mikhail, narrates a fascinating and painful journey of a Yazidi woman who is held captive by IS, in the north of Iraq

Reading trends - Of times past: From summer to autumn

Interest in unravelling the layers of Egypt’s history during the 20th century was highly reflected in a wide range of titles that appeared this summer

Book Review- Blood in the Kitchen: Optimism within dark subjects

Dina El-Shafey’s first outing as a published short-story writer has much potential, as some of the novellas in this collection can serve as inspiration for longer novels that she can pursue in the future

Book Review - Ayahuasca: A journey of self-discovery

Author Dina Samak speaks to Ahram Online about her new novel 'Ayahuasca', whose characters embark on a journey of self exploration while attempting to solve a mystery

Book Review: Never lost in translation!

This year’s Cairo International Book Fair had a wide variety of titles that had been coming out more and more during the past decade

INTERVIEW: Rania Hanna founder of BookBuzz on selling books online in Egypt

Rania Hanna, founder and manager of BookBuz, talks about the experience of selling books online for the first ever summer Cairo International Book Fair

Book Review: The Remola Flower: The Story of Creation Retold

In his novel The Remola Flower, novelist Ihab Fawzy offers an innovative telling of the creation of man

Book Review: Tales from the turn of the 20th century

The stories depict the shift Egypt embraced towards the end of the rule of Mohamed Ali

Book Review: 'Selim El-Ashi Haters' Association'

The novel was written in a New Testament style. Each close individual or disciple told Dr. Dahesh’s story from his or her own perspective

Book Review: Many titles, one book

Several of the titles that Abdel-Shakour included in his recent volume relate profoundly to the issue of generations and their moral bonds

Book Review: Egyptian history revisited

Were Egyptian leaders ever brought to account? Mohamed Afifi’s book, “An alternative history of Egypt” offers an answer

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