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Republished: In the presence of Aziza Hussien (1919-2015)

In 2015, Egypt bid farewell to one of her dearest social activists and women's rights poineers, Aziza Hussein

Republished: Marie Assaad - Egypt's gentle warrior

A pioneer in Egypt's social development field, Marie Assaad has tackled contentious issues with a gentle but unyielding resolve

Republished - Women and the press (II): The right to a voice

In the early 20th century, Egypt's women had a prominent place in publications, pioneering women's issues and rights in print

Republished - Women and the press (I): The right to a voice

In 1892, when the world was still debating women's rights, Egyptian women's voice was loud, clear, and quite popular it seems

Republished: Women and Islam in the middle ages

A review of ‘Women and religious life in the middle ages between Islam and the West’, a noteworthy study by Hoda Al Saada and Omaima Abu Bakr

Mervat Abdel-Nasser: It’s all about keen observation

As the annual Thoth’s festival Egypt’s Wisdom Heritage is about to take place on 28th of October, Ahram Online talked to the woman behind the idea

Sherwet Shafei: On art and education in Egypt

Shafei is an icon in the art world, but long before she dedicated her full time to curating art exhibitions and collections, she worked on introducing art, foreign languages and literacy to the public

Imam Al-Shafii: Those who seek higher status must labour through the night

Imam Al-Shafii (767-820 AD) was the founder of the eponymous Shafii school of Islamic jurisprudence, one of the four dominant schools in Sunni Islam

A day in the lives of Hend Rostom and other divas

In the first episode in a Ramadan series on Inspiring Women of Egypt and the Arab World, Ahram Online attended a unique exhibition reviewing 21 important women

Abu Hanifa: The first imam

Born in Kufa in Iraq in 669 AD, Abu Hanifa is the first of the four imams

Rumi: What you seek is seeking you ما تبحث عنه يبحث عنك

Rumi is a shining example of a religious Sufi poet whose religion was love

Rabaa (Rabia) Al-Adawiya

One of the most famous Sufi women in Islamic history

Al-Ezz Ibn Abdel-Salam: Separating state from religion

Al-Ezz Ibn Abdel-Salam will always be remembered as the man who differentiated between religion and the state, an act that we are still debating centuries later.

Inspiring Minds 2: Maimonides

In our second article in the series Inspiring Minds, Ahram Online presents you with Maimonides, the great philosopher and physician

Ibn Rushed (Averroes): On philosophy and religion

In the first of a series on Arab thinkers that inspired the world, we start with a man who put philosophy and religion in one proper sentence: Averroes