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Republished: In Photos - Suez Canal - 145 years old

On the 65th anniversary of the nationalisation of the Suez Canal by the late President Gamal Abdel-Nasser, Ahram Online remembers the opening of the strategic international water way on 17 November 1869

P for Palestine: Before the occupation

As the world watches yet another eviction of Palestinians from their homes for Israeli settlers, Ahram Online shares photos of Jerusalem before the occupation, circa 1925

'Italian Architects Creations in Egypt' photo exhibition opens at Al-Hanager Art Centre

At the premises of the Cairo Opera House, the walls were adorned with marvellous architectural gems

21 March, 1956: The story of the first ever Mother’s Day in Egypt

On 21 March 1956, Egypt celebrated it's first National Mother’s day

Unboxing Gaza: Bringing a part of Palestine to the heart of Cairo

This edition of Cairo Photo Week (March 11-20) came with many happy surprises, one is the re-opening of Rawabet art space, and the other is bringing Gaza to the heart of Cairo

Republished: Meet the first Egyptian woman to fly

In 1933, Lotfia El-Nadi became the first woman in the Middle East to fly

Heliopolis - 'the Sun City': Photographic gems

'Heliopolis was established in the desert, on a site near the ruins of the old Heliopolis city, 'the sun city' of ancient Egyptians, and thus came the name Heliopolis'

Ancient Egypt immortalised in Gaddis' store in Luxor

Below the veranda of the Winter Palace in Luxor lies a treasure in black and white

Destinations: An art exhibition that takes us into the heart of Alexandria

Destinations: The exhibition at Shelter Art Space, Alexandria ends on November 17

Winners of the fifth edition of the Turathi Photo and Arts Competition named in Cairo

Egypt's culture minister handed out certificates to winners and launched the official opening of the virtual exhibition of the competition

Vintage wheels turns six

"Her name is Sarah," explained Magi El-Khodary in reference to her family's 1949 Buick Roadmaster, bought in 2004

Jalal Al-Din Al-Rumi: Can the 40 Rules of Love be found in Cairo?

A new city walk through Cairo's Gamaliya district takes culture enthusiasts to the Samaakhana, where followers of Rumi's Sufi sect once performed their hypnotic dances

Khedival Cairo: Exploring the story of 'bosta'

As Egypt celebrates 150 years of Khedival Cairo, Ahram Online joins an antiquities ministry tour of downtown's historical treasures

On International Day of Solidarity with Palestinians, faces of Palestine past go on display at UN Geneva

On the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, a new photography exhibition in Switzerland showcases faces from Palestine's history

Egypt's Tunis village hosts 6th annual village pottery festival

The festival featured the handicrafts that make the town a local treasure and a sponsor with a high sense of social responsibility

Van Leo self portraits

The Van Leo, photography icon of Egypt's forties is part of an exhibition at the Cairo Opera House

Islamic Cairo's Gayer Anderson House and Museum: The house of 14 legends

Al-Beiout Asrar, houses have their own secrets, goes the Egyptian proverb, and one in particular has many tales to tell

By the Sea

Summer is not official until we hang out by the sea

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