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Cairo to host International Festival for Drums and Traditional Arts

From 12- 18 June 2021, Cairo hosts the annual International Festival for Drums and Traditional Arts.

Famous potter Evelyne Porret mourned in Tunis village

This morning, the whole village of Tunis – located in the Fayoum governorate – attended the funeral of Evelyne Porret, who was known as “the lady of Tunis village.”

Garagous pottery factory signs a collaboration protocol with the Handicraft Chamber of Egypt

The Garagous pottery factory will resume its iconic pottery production and development project without the masters of the trade, sadly

Tunisian Diva Ghalia Benali: Living in an Egyptian movie

Ahead of her singing the night away in Egypt this week, Ahram Online talked to Ghalia Benali about her tribute to Umm Kalthoum, her joint album in the footsteps of Rumi and her latest Film of My Egypt

The week leading up to Sham El-Nessim

Ahram Online looks into the intangible heritage that Egyptians hold dearly during the week that leads to the ancient Egyptian celebration

Garagous pottery factory closes in blow to Egypt’s intangible heritage

Established in 1966, the factory had preserved one of Egypt’s most authentic practice of intangible heritage

El-Hadra troupe chant with Hend El-Rawi in Ramadan

El-Hadra are famous for taking Sufi zikr from mosques to theatre stages

Reimagined memories: Seif El-Rashidi walks us into the enchanting world of the khayamiya

'The idea of sewing two different types of fabrics, especially on leather, is found in ancient Egypt as well in other countries or regions like India, South America, and even the Ottoman Empire'

'Egypt is joyful and beautiful, and I aim to document it’s intangible heritage,' says artist Alaa Awad

Awad has a keen eye for details and an infatuation with the ancient Egyptian style of painting, managing to highlight the connection between the contemporary people of Luxor and their counterparts

INTERVIEW: Where are you really from? Rain over Nubia artists find the question complex

Rain over Nubia, launched in August 2019, was first performed as part of the American University in Cairo’s online concert series last month

Stitches of Egypt: The key link in the chain to ancient Egyptian heritage

The exhibition, held at Bayt Yakan, showcased women’s traditional attire across Egypt

'The Artisans of Egypt': Safeguarding indigenous art crafts

At the premises of Fustat Traditional Crafts Centre, in the heart of old Cairo, the sound of pounding hammers on copper fills the air

In Photos: ‘Egypt speaks handicrafts’ at Diarna’s annual exhibition

In its 61 st edition, the exhibition is hosting some 370 artisans from across Egypt

El-Warsha theatre troupe: Of art and resilience in Egypt

Egypt's oldest independent theatre troupe is at risk, but the founder is as resillient as ever

The art of ferka and kabaty weaving

As Egyptian handmade weaving got enlisted in UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage sites in need of urgent preservation, Ahram Online shares with you the history of Egypt’s finest textiles

Alaa Awad on the brilliance of ancient Egyptian artists

As painter Alaa Awad prepares for his up-coming exhibition, he spoke to Ahram Online about his fascination with ancient Egyptian heritage

Egyptian handmade weaving enlisted in UNESCO

Adding handmade weaving to the list was not an easy task. Among the conditions negotiated was that it should have an economic value on those who practice it

Egyptian potters using Nile mud seek to protect their craft

Traditional potters are now struggling to preserve their craft against the pressures of inflation, pollution and modernisation.

Egyptian Garagous pottery: Traces of Naqada pre-dynastic civilisation in blue and green

Garagous village, in Qena, enchants us every year with its unique pottery that waltzes between the shades of blue and green

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