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Promising prospects for Luxor tourism

While tourism has been picking up in Luxor in the wake of promotional events such as the inauguration of the Avenue of the Sphinxes, it remains to be seen how it will stand up to the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

The Elimination of Violence against Women

The National Council For Women (NCW) began a 16-day campaign on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Good deals on Black Friday

Black Friday offers opportunities for buyers and sellers amid the global and local surge in prices.

Planning for development

Egypt’s new planning law will boost decentralisation and give a greater share to the private sector in economic development.

Cement woes

Egypt’s cement companies are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with decreased production figures

INTERVIEW: Remittances for development

Financial remittances from abroad can enhance economic growth and promote development in the Arab world, Secretary-General of the Union of Arab Banks Wissam Fattouh tells Al-Ahram Weekly.

New insight on employment

A new electronic tool offering insight into Egypt’s job market is now available for mobile phones, reports Malak Mustafa

More jobs for women

Al-Ahram Weekly visits Egypt’s first women-only job fair organised last weekend at the Greek Campus in Cairo.

New measures on stocks

A package of measures to support the local stock market was introduced last week, but will it be enough to improve its global position?

Smartcards for farmers

The Ministry of Agriculture has announced the roll-out of smartcards giving access to services for the country’s farmers.

INTERVIEW: ‘Counter-productive’ taxes?

Chair of parliament’s Planning and Budget Committee Abdel-Moneim Imam explains to Al-Ahram Weekly why he is against the imposition of new taxes.

INTERVIEW: Neutralising energy prices

Al-Ahram Weekly sounds out Chair of the House of Representatives’ Energy Committee Hossam Awadallah on recent hikes in global energy prices.

Natural gas price increases: The ripple effect

Increases in the price of natural gas will impact Egypt’s industries to varying degrees.

Costlier food ahead in Egypt

Higher global food prices have been seeping into the local market.

Soaring freight prices

Sea freight prices have been reaching new highs, leading to shortages or increased prices of commodities, reports Khaled El-Ghamry

Civil society chips in

More NGOs are working on Egypt’s Decent Life Initiative to develop rural areas and alleviate poverty, Chair of the Professional Development Foundation Mohamed Farouk Hafeez tells Al-Ahram Weekly

Egypt joins the benchmark

Al-Ahram Weekly sheds light on what Egypt’s relisting in J.P. Morgan’s government bond index for emerging markets means

Expanding Egypt’s ICT infrastructure

President of Huawei Northern Africa Enterprise Business Group Michael Li speaks Al-Ahram Weekly about his perception of Egypt’s digital transformation

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