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Cautious optimism

Iran is asking for guarantees from the US regarding a new nuclear deal with the Western powers that it may not be in its power to give, writes Manal Lotfy

Ethiopian mutations

It is increasingly difficult to paint a hopeful picture of the future of Ethiopia with the increasing complexity of its conflicts, writes Ahmed Amal

Arabs snub Biden summit

The Arab countries have only one seat at the Summit for Democracy planned by US President Joe Biden, but there may be little to regret, writes Salah Nasrawi

New escalation in Yemen

The recent escalation in the military conflict in Yemen may indicate increasing support for the campaign against the country’s Houthi rebels, writes Ahmed Eleiba

A cold winter in Lebanon

Ongoing fuel shortages will mean a cold winter for many in Lebanon, with imports of diesel by the Shia group Hizbullah unlikely to remedy the situation, writes Rita Boulos Chahwan

Further crisis in Sudan

Sudan’s political forces are split over the recent deal restoring Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok to power, with some of them facing disintegration.

Hamdok’s triple bind

Despite the recent compromise to end the conflict in Sudan, a stable transition may be hard to secure.

Libya: 98 candidates

Al-Ahram Weekly keeps up with the latest developments in Libya

How the EU gets it wrong on Iraqi refugees

The attempts by hundreds of Iraqi refugees to enter the EU from Belarus last week have once again underscored the plight of Iraqis seeking to find a better life abroad

Banning Hamas in Britain

The proposed UK ban on the Palestinian group Hamas will not serve the peace process or reduce anti-Semitism, writes Manal Lotfy

The Iran files

Although all parties at the negotiating table will be raising the stakes, no breakthrough is expected at the seventh round of Vienna talks between Iran and Western powers, to be held on 29 November, writes Ahmed Mustafa

Protests grow in Tunisia

Protests against Tunisian President Kais Saied’s consolidation of power have resumed across Tunisia and in ever greater numbers.

No Sudan solution in sight

In Sudan, it seems impossible to satisfy the angry street, the army and civil forces all at once.

The Hodeida withdrawal

Al-Ahram Weekly keeps up with the latest developments in Yemen.

Rehabilitating Syria

Hopes are high now that the next Arab League summit in Algeria might witness the return of Syria to its seat in the league

What if America leaves Iraq?

There are only six weeks left before the US pulls its combat troops out of Iraq, yet it remains unclear whether the country has been steeling itself for the new era.

Ethiopia’s wildfires

Conflicts in Ethiopia may spill over into neighbouring countries, threatening a regional catastrophe of huge proportions

Worsening economic crisis in Palestine

The economic crisis in Palestine has been worsened by Israel’s withholding of money it owes to the Palestinian Authority

Disputes resurface on Libya

Continuing disagreements between the countries attending last week’s Paris Summit meeting on Libya have cast doubt on the country’s electoral process

Israel continues abuse of Palestinian detainees

Video footage has emerged from surveillance cameras inside Israeli jails showing the brutal abuse of Palestinian prisoners, writes Mohamed Abu Shaar

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