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Turkey in Africa

French relations with West Africa have deteriorated, reports Karam Said, just as Turkey enjoys a growing influence there

Ethiopia’s little wars

While the world is distracted from Africa by the war in Ukraine, Ethiopia’s conflicts continue to seethe, reports Haitham Nouri

Israeli calculations in Gaza

Last week’s Israeli attack on the Gaza Strip was designed to target the Islamic Jihad group while avoiding the involvement of Hamas, writes Ahmed Eleiba

Baghdad divided

Mass protests are filling the political vacuum following a 10-month political standoff in Iraq, Nermeen Al-Mufti reports from Baghdad.

Tehran admits nuclear weapons capacity

Tehran’s admission that it has the technical capability to produce a nuclear bomb has been alarming to the regional and world powers.

US message to Taliban

The killing of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri in Kabul has more to do with the US administration than with Al-Qaeda, senior researcher Amal Moukhtar tells Al-Ahram Weekly.

Yemen truce may be renewed

Talks are underway between international mediators and the different forces in Yemen with a view to renewing the truce that has stalled tahe conflict, writes Ahmed Eleiba

Turkey’s grain deal

On Monday the first ship carrying Ukrainian grain passed through Turkish waters as agreed last month, reports Karam Said

Is Iran losing steam in Iraq?

There are growing signs that Iran is showing weak spots in its influence in Iraq, though decoupling may be the last thing on its leaders’ minds.

Three trips

Egyptian pentathletes clinched three medals at the World Modern Pentathlon Championship, Inas Mazhar reports from Alexandria, venue of the one-week event

US and China

In an arguably unwarranted escalation, Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi set off an alarming standoff between the US and China by visiting Taiwan.

Inflation shockwaves

Soaring prices are pushing many countries to the precipice.

‘Malikileaks’ uncover Iraq’s mediocre leadership

Leaked audio recordings attributed to former Iraqi prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki have deepened rifts within the country’s Shia factions and highlighted its incompetent leadership.

Russia-Ukraine grain deal: Feeding the world

Kyiv expects the Turkish-brokered deal on the release of grain shipments from the port of Odessa to go into effect this week, the Ukrainian Minister of Infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov announced in a press conference on Monday.

Analysis: The GCC-Iran deal

With the Iraqi hosted Saudi-Iranian meetings poised for an upgrade, the question remains if the GCC will ultimately embrace Iran.

Growing armed activity in the West Bank

Recent weeks have seen increasing numbers of armed Palestinian operations against the Israeli army in the West Bank.

Ankara arrests Iranians

Turkish-Iranian tensions have spiked recently, reports Karam Said, especially in relation to developments in Syria and Iraq

Russian charm offensive in Africa

Russia is strengthening its relations with the African countries as Europe comes under pressure owing to the economic effects of the Ukraine war.

Constitutional referendum in Tunisia

Tunisians voted on a new constitution this week that gives the country’s president much greater powers, writes Kamel Abdallah in Tunis

Analysis: One summit, different versions

A trip to the region has tested Joe Biden’s new Middle East policy, but has the US president notched up a political victory just by sharing the spotlight with nine Arab leaders? Probably not.

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