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China in Afghanistan

China is funding the construction of a border post on Tajikistan’s border with Afghanistan in a development seen as extending its influence in the region, writes Khaled Okasha

Schubert at the new capital

Mohamed Salmawy enjoyed the opening of the New Administrative Capital’s Music Hall

Perilous transitions to democracy

Democratic aspirations have stalled across the Arab world, drawing attention to the principles that must be in place before they can succeed, writes Hussein Haridy

Showdown in Ukraine

A compromise solution must be found to end the dangerous escalation on the Ukraine-Russia border, writes Hany Ghoraba.

The emerging new global order — I: America

In the first article in a series on the emerging global order, Tarek Osman looks at the US objectives, calculus, and way of operations as it enters the most challenging confrontation in its history — to retain its primacy against a rising and increasingly assertive China


Drawing on half a century’s personal experience, Abdel-Moneim Said thinks about the future of the Arab world

Sartre and Hadith

Mohamed Salmawy takes issue with one parliamentarian’s retrograde views

The Biden-Xi virtual summit

The recent virtual summit meeting between US President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping was a positive step in the management of strategic competition between the two countries, writes Hussein Haridy

Resetting Egyptian-US relations

The latest round of the Egypt-US Strategic Dialogue has opened up a new chapter in bilateral relations, consecrating the two countries’ strategic partnership.

University contributions on climate change

Egypt’s universities are well positioned to lead efforts to promote public awareness on the risks and opportunities of climate change.

COP26 achieves less than hoped

Despite pledges made at last week’s COP26 Climate Change Conference, the world is no closer to keeping global warming below the 1.5 degree Celsius target.

Talking it through

Abdel-Moneim Said sums up last week’s Egyptian-US Strategic Dialogue

A historic celebration

Mohamed Salmawy remarks on a remarkable coincidence

An unprecedented situation in Sudan

The Sudanese military must cooperate with national and international efforts to undo the effects of the 25 October events in Sudan.

Making Palestine real

Analysing this week’s Arab League statement on the Balfour Declaration.

Egypt’s treasures abroad

As preparations continue for the opening of the new Grand Egyptian Museum, Egypt should continue to press for the return of irreplaceable artefacts from museums abroad.

Partnership through dialogue

Convening a new round of the US-Egypt Strategic Dialogue in Washington this week reaffirmed the strength of the two countries’ 40-year-old relations.

Nye’s Weltanschauung

A look at the current political literature.

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