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Analysis: America’s moment in the Middle East?

Could US hegemony in the Middle East be coming to an end in the wake of the successful diplomatic efforts undertaken by China and Russia?

Cautious rapprochement

The normalisation of relations between Egypt and Turkey is in the interest of both countries, but Turkey must first reconsider its policies in the Middle East.

The fall of the Silicon Valley Bank

With the 2008 global financial crisis threatening to repeat itself, can the world take another hit after the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine war.

The digital solution to corruption

Electronic procurement can be a straightforward and cheap way of reducing corruption that can also help countries save very significant sums.

The Chinese role

Abdel-Moneim Said takes stock of the Iran-Saudi agreement

A promising regional realignment

From the standpoint of Middle East politics, 10 March was an exceptionally significant date.

No simple solution

Abdel-Moneim Said outlines the complexities of the current global picture.

A welcome shift

The Beijing-brokered agreement, widely welcomed, for Saudi Arabia and Iran to resume diplomatic ties, which had been severed for more than seven years, is surprising in many ways.

Women and entrepreneurship

Policymakers who want to empower women in the Arab region need to look more closely at the access enjoyed by women entrepreneurs to digital and other technologies, writes Eman Ragab

Modern Egypt — (XXII) The warrior

Behind the assertive exterior of intellectual Louis Awad there lay a compassionate observer ready to consider the views of his opponents, writes Tarek Osman in his series of articles on the makers of modern Egyptian culture

Bidding the GTC good-bye

Nader Noureddin presents his take on why Egypt has withdrawn from the UN Grains Trade Convention

Thirty tragedies per hour

Every two minutes, nine newborn babies and one mother die from complications related to pregnancy and childbirth. What can be done?

It’s time to end the war

It has been over a year since Russia invaded Ukraine, time for all those involved to stop the war and avoid yet more destruction and bloodshed.

Setting our priorities right

The announcement on Monday by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director-General Rafael Grossi that Iran would allow the agency more access and monitoring of its supposedly peaceful nuclear programme should be welcome news.

Modern Egypt — (XXI) The mystic

The writings of novelist Gamal El-Ghitany present quests for spiritual meaning that can uncover society’s collective will, writes Tarek Osman in his series of articles on the makers of modern Egyptian culture

From Aqaba to Sharm El-Sheikh

Recent statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have provided further evidence of the real nature of the present Israeli government.

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