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Substitutes for forests

Attention has shifted from forestry towards alternatives that require less water while also helping to preserve the environment, reports Khaled El-Ghamry

Tough times in Egypt: Stronger together

When the going gets tough in Egypt, greater solidarity can be the most effective solution to a wide range of problems. 

Changing seasons, changing habits

Globalisation and devaluation have been having a strong impact on the tastes and brewing and roasting in Egypt.

The enchanting tradition of Ramadan lanterns

The makers of Egypt’s Ramadan lanterns are preserving their deep-rooted traditions despite recent price hikes.

Egg-freezing gains in popularity

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Al-Ahram Weekly looks into the rising number of Egyptian women opting to freeze their eggs.

Developments in the fight against obesity

Surgical modification, medication, and therapy to combat obesity are all prompting debate on how to treat the condition today.

Reviving traditional carpentry in Egypt

Al-ahram Weekly visits the Beit Yakan in Historic Cairo that is hosting a project to rejuvenate traditional carpentry in Egypt with Japanese assistance.

Logos Hope in Port Said

Thousands of visitors flocked to Port Said to visit the Logos Hope, the world’s largest floating book fair, which docked on the west bank of the Suez Canal in January.

Personal Status law debate: Not just for better or for worse

A debate over proposed amendments to Egypt’s personal status law is shedding light on increasingly complex questions of marriage and divorce.

Arabian Nights in Alexandria: Revitalising Arabic

A new initiative in Alexandria is helping to revitalise the Arabic language among young people and children by drawing on Arabian Nights.

Celebrating a shared heritage

Dean of the Higher Institute of Folk Arts Mustafa Gad explains the Coptic contributions to Egyptian life on the occasion of the Feast of the Epiphany to Dina Ezzat

Easing rules on food trucks

Moves are afoot to make the licensing of food trucks easier, helping to encourage this important city business, reports Sarah Elhosary

Married without gold

As the price of the precious metal continues to rise, a new initiative is calling for marriages without the traditional gift of gold to brides.

Egypt’s prosthetics sector set to grow

As the prosthetics industry continues to grow in Egypt, what are the needs of some of its users.

Art at Lake Borollos

This year’s Borollos International Art Symposium in Kafr Al-Sheikh governorate took fish as one of its themes, writes Ameera Fouad

Beyond the pandemic

Mersal charity founder and manager Heba Rashed talks about dealing with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic in Egypt to Dina Ezzat

Preparing for a seventh wave

Egypt is bracing for what is hoped will be a mild seventh wave of Covid-19

Helping the poultry industry

As Egypt’s chicken feed importers struggle to release imported feed in the ports, the government and experts are offering a helping hand to increase production.

Planting palms for charity

One of the pioneer charities in the field explains eco-friendly palm tree endowment projects to Mai Samih

One sector rules on investment

Egypt’s real estate sector remains a reliable investment in the face of economic strains and booming prices, experts tell Mai Ghandour

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