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Egypt’s water challenge

Prominent water management expert Khaled Abu Zeid explains the growing need to move from conventional to non-conventional water resources to Al-Ahram Weekly

The birth of the Prophet: Of zikr, sweets, and identity debates

The celebration of Al-Moulid Al-Nabawy, the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, has been seeing new developments in Egypt over recent years

An exciting time for startups

Egypt’s digital startups have been capturing the attention of investors and conquering users, with the Covid-19 pandemic helping to accelerate existing trends.

El Gouna Film Festival: Big screen charms

From the political to the human, over five rounds El Gouna Film Festival has treated the audience to films from all over the world and in all kinds of styles

Egypt goes green: Eco-friendly home alternatives

More and more people are turning to eco-friendly furniture and other items to furnish their homes

From Kabul to Cairo: The Azharites’ experience

Al-Azhar University teachers and students talk about the role the venerable Cairo institution plays in promoting Muslim religious teaching worldwide

Egypt going green: Staying below 1.5 °C

Egypt is stepping up its transition to clean energy as part of the battle to control climate change

Climate change is happening now

What can be done to cope with the impact of climate change in Egypt, asks Dina Ezzat

INTERVIEW: Alternative perspectives on Cairo

Architectural historian Mohamed ElShahed talks about his work documenting the memory of Cairo

Cairo: The changing city

Critic Dina Heshmat talks about changing images of Cairo in modern and contemporary literature in an interview with Al-Ahram Weekly

Initiative to preserve Egyptian identity: Proud to be Egyptian

A group of university students is aiming to help Egyptian young people be more proud of being Egyptian

Beirut: ‘United in pain’

How have people in Beirut been coping with the aftermath of last year’s port blasts? Al-Ahram Weekly talked to some of them

South Sinai: Transforming St Catherine’s Monastery

The Great Transfiguration project to develop South Sinai promises to upgrade St Catherine’s into a leading destination for religious, environmental, and therapeutic tourism

Organised chaos with a twist

Featuring spectacular views of the Red Sea and a handpicked collection of antiques, the Farsha café in Sharm El-Sheikh welcomed Mahmoud Bakr for a visit

Egypt: Treating the ailments of physicians

Can Egypt’s new unified healthcare system remedy the problems that many medical doctors have long had to live with?

Finding the right masculine values

A group of young Egyptians are working to correct the false concepts of masculinity proposed by patriarchal society, writes Mai Samih

Plans for two Aswans

As Aswan improves the quality of life of its residents, its fourth-generation sister New Aswan is being modelled as a tourist and investment hub, reports Karima Abdel-Ghani

Alexandria again and again

Alexandria reopened its beaches last month after nearly a year and a half of closure due to Covid-19

Continuing the fight against FGM in Egypt

The government has been working hard to tighten up the law against female genital mutilation and to rescue more girls from this cruel crime

Egypt: Hygienic alternatives for waste management

Egypt is launching an integrated system for the safe disposal of solid waste, starting with 30 sanitary landfills in 19 governorates

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