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Growing forests in Egypt

Projects promoting the growth of forests in Egypt could be the answer for furniture manufacturers and others having to import wood.

What’s cooking for the Eid?

For reasons of budget and style, choices for Eid Al-Adha menus have been changing in recent years.

The traditional delicacy of tulle-bi-telli

There is history and meaning in the intricate and exquisite embroidery of tulle-bi-telli, one of Egypt’s best-known traditional fabrics, writes Khaled El-Ghamry

Exiting the debt trap

Sensitive to social pressures, but with limited financial resources, many women in Egypt today may fall into the trap of debt, writes Mai Samih

Stories from the airwaves

Al-Sayed Al-Ghadban, a radio broadcaster with unique experience of the making and breaking of the news in Egypt, explains how his job has changed to Dina Ezzat

Saving the world’s migratory birds

Calls were made to unify efforts to protect and sustain the habitats of the world’s migratory birds on this year’s World Migratory Bird Day.

Lobbying for culture and heritage

Al Ahram Weekly spoke with architect and conservatist Tamer Sahab about preserving the Cairo suburb of Heliopolis and Egyptian-American artist Adham Hafez about the role of art in highlighting the cultural identity of Arab-Americans

New approaches to parenting

There are many ways of being a good parent, but sometimes a parenting course may help.

Easter, Sham Al-Nessim, Eid: Two weeks of festivities

Egypt is immersing itself in a two-week season of festivities and taking in the Sham Al-Nessim and Eid Al-Fitr holidays.

The 6th of October War: A tale of resilience and glory

On the 47th anniversary of the October 1973 War, Ahram Weekly talks to members of Battalion 603, kept under Israeli siege for over four months after a ceasefire was announced.

Of food and faith

South and Southeast Asian students at Al-Azhar University in Cairo have been introducing a new taste to the city’s Ramadan Iftars, with Al-Azhar sending out delegations across the World to help other Muslim communities gain a flavour of the holy month, writes Dina Ezzat

INTERVIEW: Politics of Ramadan in Egypt

Historian Mohamed Afifi explains why politics have long been inseparable from Ramadan festivities in Egypt.

The lanterns of Ramadan

More and more Ramadan decorations have become available in recent years, but traditional Ramadan lanterns remain as appealing as ever

Making ends meet in Ramadan

Various schemes are at hand to help people celebrate Ramadan as usual this year despite rising inflation and a new devaluation of the pound.

A refugee map of Egypt

Egyptian NGOs and online platforms have been gathering stories of refugees in Egypt to help others overcome their ordeals.

Protecting and restoring wildlife

Countries around the world marked World Wildlife Day earlier this month as part of efforts to protect and restore the natural world.

Rent laws in review

As Egypt’s old rent laws go through a process of review, landlords and tenants voice their concerns to Soha Hesham

INTERVIEW: A plunge into the national archives

More must be done to document Egypt’s modern history by preserving archival material and making it available to the public, historian Emad Abou-Ghazi tells Al-Ahram Weekly.

Wetlands are not wastelands

Wetlands sustain biodiversity, provide food and fresh water, and store carbon that helps to regulate climate change. What is Egypt doing to protect them, asks Mahmoud Bakr

Tales of the cities

More and more NGO and other initiatives are seeking to document the history of the cities of Egypt, reports Dina Ezzat

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