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Biden and the French submarines: Trump without the tweets?

The reasons for the crisis over the cancellation of the French submarine deal with Australia are not just about a failed business deal, but go deep into the nature of security alliances and the lack of trust between Paris and its allies in the Asia-Pacific region, writes Ahmed Mahdi

Tales of sunken cities

The thrilling story of ancient cities submerged under the Mediterranean Sea should be told again and again to promote tourism and historical awareness in Egypt

Egypt: Mental health barriers

Mental health in Egypt continues to be a conversation that is hard to address due to lack of awareness and affordability options

Egypt: The pandemic of domestic violence

The increase in domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic is an alarm call that the law needs to be toughened up to contain this shadow pandemic

Vaccination conspiracy theories: The goofy, the sad, and the useful

When it comes to human health and saving lives, vaccine conspiracy theories can have deadly consequences

Experts in focus

More and more experts are needed to help untangle an increasingly turbulent world. But should we always take their views at face value, asks Khaled Hanafi Ali

Children as propaganda in the New York Times

The real reasons behind the featuring by The New York Times of the pictures and names of 67 Palestinian children killed by Israeli air raids in Gaza last May do not include a sudden attack of conscience, writes Ahmed Mahdi

The Greek voices of Alexandria

A government initiative inviting Egypt’s former Greek residents to reconnect with their roots in Alexandria has been shedding light on the Greek heritage of this cosmopolitan city

Peace versus proxy war

To avoid the high costs of proxy wars, many countries have been resorting to peace by proxy as a way of maintaining their interests in conflict zones, writes Khaled Hanafi Ali

Ceasefire pressure behind the scenes

All the main players in the recent Hamas-Israel conflict needed a ceasefire agreement, though this will not solve the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli crisis, writes Ahmed Mahdi

For love of the Prophet’s companions

The historic mausoleums at Al-Bahnassa in Upper Egypt are the final resting place of thousands of the Prophet Mohamed’s companions and are now being restored after years of negligence, writes Gihan Shahine

Around the world in Ramadan

How do different Muslim countries around the world celebrate Ramadan? As this year’s holy month begins, Al-Ahram Weekly samples Ramadan rituals across the globe

Egypt: Virtual tourism on the rise

Virtual tours have become more and more important for Egypt’s tourism sector in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

The reality of anti-plastic

Is the global trend to ban plastic drinking straws in cafés and restaurants really an effective way of combating plastic waste?

Revisiting Alexandria’s leisure landmarks

Alexandria retains many of its places of leisure and romance, with many visitors pleased to take a trip down memory lane

The global economy and labour markets: Consequences of Covid-19

The slowdown of global growth, decline in international flows of trade, underemployment, and decline in the labour force are also impacting Egypt’s prosperity

Heinous crimes hit Arab World: Brutality in the spotlight

Various brutal crimes have recently shaken the Arab world, sparking a heated debate over their motives

Alexandria’s maritime heritage

Long a centre of Egypt’s fishing industry and the traditional gateway to the country, Alexandria has always lived off the Mediterranean Sea

2020 Yearender: Life under quarantine

The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked positive and negative changes on many people’s lives, but it is an open question which of these will be permanent

2020 Yearender: Exploring the post-pandemic world

Will the world that emerges after the coronavirus pandemic be different?

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