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Capturing timeless early photos

New-born photography is becoming more and more popular among parents in Egypt eager to capture their children’s early days.

Habits for lasting success

Menna H Ashour writes on the power of habit in our lives, why changing is challenging, and how to adjust habits to achieve success and well-being

Towards more fulfilling relationships

Amira Elhamy talks to author Sherif Arafa about sexually satisfying relationships and the freedom from social stigma

Overcoming insecurity

Individual and collective feelings of insecurity can have important social and economic repercussions

Fashion from our ancestors

Three contemporary Egyptian designers are reviving the legacy of ancient Egypt through a set of new fashion designs, writes Sarah Elhosary

A journey into Mother Nature

Architect Menna H Ashour explores the power of art and creativity in enhancing awareness of climate change and sustainability in the first-ever Sustainable Design Festival in Egypt

The benefits of scouting

Scouting can help young people grow and may enhance radical positive changes

Inspiration at the Cairo Design Week

Architect Menna H. Ashour shares her exploration of Cairo’s design scene and architectural heritage at the first Cairo Design Week in Heliopolis

Saving water by simple choices

How can each of us rationalise our water use in order to save on the country’s consumption, asks Ameera Fouad

Clothing by the kilo

A new and innovative way to sell clothes by weight is proving controversial but has attracted the attention of many

Like father like daughter

Al Ahram Weekly interviews Sophie Yacoub, whose training in the treatment of infectious diseases contrasts to her father Sir Magdi Yacoub’s fame for cardiac surgery

Home styling for happiness

Architect and interior stylist Menna H Ashour gives hints on wellness-focused interior design and key styling tips for a happy and healthy home

Born superstars?

Can babies be born geniuses with a natural potential that we can help them realise.

Not too late for ballet

An Egyptian dancer did not let age stop her from pursuing her dream of becoming a professional ballerina

Until death do us part

While divorce rates are still high in Egypt, many married couples are leading successful and happy lives.

Rules for summer skin care

Mai Samih finds out how to keep skin healthy during the hot summer months

Helping working mothers

New social media platforms are helping to support Egypt’s working mothers as they juggle childcare with employment

Kidzkit: Renting gear for kids

A new online rental service has found an innovative way of helping mothers and others provide for their children’s needs, writes Omneya Yousry

Swimming for all in Alexandria

People with disabilities can now enjoy the sea for free at a special beach in Alexandria, writes Ameera Fouad

Wonders for kids in Alexandria

Activities for children at the Alexandria Sporting Club are back in full swing after two years of their being kept at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, writes Ameera Fouad

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