Al-Ahram Weekly - Special

The Foreign Ministry: 100 years of achievement

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukri reflects on the centenary of Egypt’s Foreign Ministry

A mission of a century

On 15 March this year, diplomats in Cairo and over 150 missions overseas will mark the reestablishment of the country’s Foreign Ministry in 1922, writes Dina Ezzat

Expo 2020 Dubai: Connecting the world

Nora Koloyan-Keuhnelian toured Expo 2020’s virtual districts and pavilions, visiting the Pharaohs’ land built in Dubai

The October War: Letters from a soldier

Abdel-Aal Ayyash, a soldier during the October War, talks about letters, photographs, and magazine pages he kept from his days at the front.

Henry Kissinger: The art of Middle East diplomacy

Al-Ahram Weekly reviews a new book on the Middle East Peace Process as designed by former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger and told by author Martin Indyk.

The October War: First hand testimonies

Almost half a century after the October War, testimonies and recollections continue to appear, including from diplomats who share first-hand accounts of the war, a soldier who has kept souvenirs from the front, and a painter whose art recalls the sacrifices made by the Egyptian military and people.

A history of Egyptian diplomacy

A new book by former Egyptian foreign minister Nabil Fahmy describes the main lines of Egyptian diplomacy on the Middle East Peace Process.

Etching the war on canvas

Painter Khaled Al-Samahi talks about the impact his childhood memories of the October War have had on his art

Egypt: Keys for industrial growth

Localisation and specialisation have become keywords for the development of Egypt’s industrial sector

Decent Life initiative: A new era for rural Egypt

The Decent Life presidential initiative is improving the quality of life in 4,500 villages across Egypt

Egypt: Eliminating hazardous housing

Following a four-year programme costing LE32 billion, Egypt expects to announce that it is slum-free by the end of this year

INTERVIEW: Historian Assem El-Dessouki explains what makes a revolution?

Historian Assem Al-Dessouki explains why Egypt’s 30 June Revolution was a genuine revolution in an interview with Mohamed Shoeir

Egypt's new monorail project: Connecting Cairo’s east and west

Egypt’s monorail will link the New Administrative Capital with 6 October city, but there are also other connections at play, reports Karima Abdel-Ghani

Building Egypt’s 4G cities

Experts explain the thinking behind Egypt’s new fourth-generation cities

Egypt: Dawn of a new republic

In eight years, Egypt has become a new state

Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa

Rapid developments on crucial issues have been defining new patterns of interaction in the Horn of Africa with important ramifications for regional security, writes Basma Saad

Al-Ahram Weekly’s 30th anniversary: Respect for diversity

The first edition of Al-Ahram Weekly hit the newsstands 30 years ago, establishing a tradition of English-language journalism in Egypt that is as relevant as ever today

Al-Ahram Weekly’s 30th anniversary: Three decades and counting

As Al-Ahram Weekly celebrates its 30th birthday, thoughts turn to its founding generation and to its continuing crucial role,

Al-Ahram Weekly’s 30th anniversary: Why do we need to tell our story?

Al-Ahram Weekly’s 30th anniversary comes at an important time for Egypt and the region and during a period of disruption in the newspaper industry, but the paper remains faithful to its goals

World outlooks in 2021

After the Covid-19 pandemic that dominated 2020, the task for the world, the Middle East and Egypt in 2021 is to move on from the crisis and deal with its economic and social repercussions

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