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Billions still exposed to toxic trans fat: WHO

Efforts to eliminate industrially-produced fat have a long way to go with five billion people exposed to toxic fat added to many food products, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said Monday.

'Best Before' labels scrutinized as food waste concerns grow

As awareness grows around the world about the problem of food waste, one culprit in particular is drawing scrutiny: ``best before'' labels.

3 knives every cook needs. And some they might just want

There is likely no kitchen tool purchase as important as your cooking knives. And it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the variety of styles, prices, sizes and materials.

Tea drinkers live longer, study suggests

A cup of tea just got a bit more relaxing.

Mango season: A look at one of Egypt’s favorite delights

Ahram Online spoke to experts and traders in Souk El-Obour – one of the largest and most famous fruit markets in Cairo – about the sweet and flavourful fruit that is synonymous with Egypt in the summer.

Popular Pakistani restaurant stands test of time in Dubai

In a city boasting champagne brunches with views of the sea, Michelin star restaurants, and endless high-end Asian food options, a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant with plastic chairs and metal tables is one of Dubai’s go-to spots.

Global food crisis 'will kill millions' by disease, health executive warns

The global food crisis sparked by the war in Ukraine will kill millions by leaving the hungriest more vulnerable to infectious diseases, potentially triggering the world's next health catastrophe, the head of a major aid organisation has warned.

UN: Climate shocks, war fuel multiple looming food crises

U.N. food agencies issued stark warnings about multiple, looming food crises , driven by climate “shocks” like drought and worsened by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine that have sent fuel and food prices soaring.

Empowerment in a cookbook: Recipes tell stories of women in Egypt

The UN’s World Food Program(WFP) published a first-of-its-kind cookbook, titled “Empowering Women through Cooking,” that combines recipes with personal narratives of empowerment.

NASA Climate Research Scientist Wins World Food Prize

A NASA climate research scientist who has spent much of her career explaining how global food production systems must adapt to a changing climate was awarded the World Food Prize.

Ramdanak Smart: A journey of spiritual and physical detox

Heba Anwar, author of Ramdanak Smart, talks about what health-coaching can offer people, especially for those who observe the fast during the Holy Muslim Month of Ramadan.

Keeping the kitchen warm: How catering businesses are adapting to the inflation wave

It is this time of the year when Riham Raouf, owner and manager of the Nounette catering business, has to do the year’s biggest shopping. While Nounette caters year-round, it is during Ramadan that this business receives the most orders.

Italy baker makes ‘peace’ bread, sweets for Ukraine refugees

A small bakery in northern Italy is trying to do its part to help

The aroma of Mother’s Day: Celebrated pastry chef shares recipes

Russian-Egyptian master chef Valentina Verbenko joined the Egyptian Chefs Association (ECA) seven years ago. She has been residing in Egypt for 20 years now, offering training courses and intensive workshops for professional chefs at the ECA.

Valentine’s for dinner: Tips from a Moroccan chef

Chef Zeinab Mustafa reveals insider secrets for rich flavors in the kitchen and the atmosphere of Moroccan valentine’s celebration.

New app in Egypt teaches the art of cooking to the visually impaired

Gowa El7alla mobile application is the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East for teaching cooking to the visually impaired.

Sweet November: Egyptian Honey Festival kicks off 3rd edition

The Egyptian Honey Festival launched its third edition on Thursday at the historical Orman Botanical Gardens in Cairo.

Roasting coffee with the rays of the sun

The result is a system that needs a piece of land about the size of half a tennis court and sunny weather to roast up to 50 kilograms (110 pounds) of coffee an hour.

‘Super Wasfa’: Athletes' optimal guide to healthy diets

Ahram Online sheds light on ‘Super Wasfa’, a complete sports nutrition guidebook for mothers trying to raise their children to become athletes.

Gouter: A taste of culture from Cairo's largest culinary hub

It was a night to remember as the multi-faceted magical aspects of history, cultures, art and wonders of food intertwined showcasing a splendid spectacle of glamour and joy.

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