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Valentine’s for dinner: Tips from a Moroccan chef

Chef Zeinab Mustafa reveals insider secrets for rich flavors in the kitchen and the atmosphere of Moroccan valentine’s celebration.

New app in Egypt teaches the art of cooking to the visually impaired

Gowa El7alla mobile application is the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East for teaching cooking to the visually impaired.

Sweet November: Egyptian Honey Festival kicks off 3rd edition

The Egyptian Honey Festival launched its third edition on Thursday at the historical Orman Botanical Gardens in Cairo.

Roasting coffee with the rays of the sun

The result is a system that needs a piece of land about the size of half a tennis court and sunny weather to roast up to 50 kilograms (110 pounds) of coffee an hour.

‘Super Wasfa’: Athletes' optimal guide to healthy diets

Ahram Online sheds light on ‘Super Wasfa’, a complete sports nutrition guidebook for mothers trying to raise their children to become athletes.

Gouter: A taste of culture from Cairo's largest culinary hub

It was a night to remember as the multi-faceted magical aspects of history, cultures, art and wonders of food intertwined showcasing a splendid spectacle of glamour and joy.

Culinary sustainability: Making paintings with food items and leftovers

Instead of throwing away food leftovers, artist Esraa Hassanein uses them to make creative designs and decorate food plates

Corn, Zucchini, Tomatoes: Making the most of summer’s bounty

Here we are, in the belly of summer. Time to make the most of the season’s bountiful produce

The journey of a new book into Middle Eastern cuisine

A newly illustrated cookbook, 'Bilhana: Whole food recipes from Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco' sums up the Egyptian love of food and gathering to share meals with family and friends

Employees with disabilities find a home in an Egyptian restaurant

Mama Mahrousa provides an enjoyable culinary experience fully accessible to disabled guests

A rediscovered forgotten species brews promise for coffee's future

Scientists have rediscovered a coffee species not seen in the wild in decades

Going spicy, going organic: The essence of herbs in Ramadan from the heart of El-Muez Street

In Ramadan, the appetite for spices is high, but the clients frequenting the traditional stores are not just there to dress up their meals

Cairo hosts first Dates and Natural Products Festival

More than 55 exhibitors from all over Egypt are showing their products at the festival

Traditional manousheh leaves tables in poverty-hit Lebanon

Abu Shadi turns down the heat in his oven once he has baked enough manaeesh (plural form of manousheh) to save on gas

Sachi wins Best Luxury Restaurant in Egypt by New York's Luxury Lifestyle Awards

The word 'Sachi' means 'child of joy' in Japanese. This warm attitude is transferred to each visitor of the institution, who is accepted as family and provided with the maximum comfort and care

INTERVIEW: Two sisters fame Egyptian vegan cuisine in a Las Vegas restaurant

In less than a year, POTs earned the 67th place on the list of Yelp’s top 100 places to eat in the US in 2019

JW Marriott hosts Strawberry Festival

Chefs from all Marriott hotel branches showcased their creative skills and enthusiasm in designing unique items

German bakery's syringe cakes help the COVID medicine go down

Dortmund is celebrating the year of the coronavirus vaccine with syringe-shaped cakes

Fotografiska: Traditional Swedish dishes going green

Meet the authentic combination of history and culinary delights in Sweden

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