Antiquities - Greco-Roman

Graeco-Roman pottery workshop, storage facility unearthed in Alexandria

During archaeological excavations carried out at Tabet Al-Motaweh area, west of Alexandria, an Egyptian archaeological mission uncovered a Graeco-Roman pottery workshop and a storage building.

Collection of ten Graeco-Roman and Byzantine coins seized at Cairo International Airport

The archaeological unit at Cairo International Airport — in cooperation with the Cairo Airport Police — seized earlier in the week ten Graeco-Roman and Byzantine coins along with a metal Coptic cross in the possession of a passenger.

Greco-Roman rock-cut tomb discovered west of Aswan

The joint Egyptian-Italian mission working in the vicinity of the Mausoleum of Aga Khan, west of Aswan, uncovered a Greco-Roman rock-cut tomb during work carried out during the last archaeological season.

In Photos: Byzantine, Ptolemaic chandelier, coins seized at airport before smuggling

A chandelier and nine gold and metal coins from the Byzantine and Ptolemaic periods were seized at the Cairo International Airport before being smuggled abroad on Tuesday.

Byzantine-era artifacts uncovered under Andraos Palace in Luxor: Supreme Council of Antiquities

A collection of amphoras and lamps from the Byzantine era have been uncovered over the past month under the Tawfiq Andraos palace.

Remains of uncovered Graeco-Roman settlement details life in Alexandria

This area was used as a transit area for travellers, visitors and trade merchants

Egypt's Siwa fortress renovation boosts hopes for ecotourism

The 13th-century edifice, called 'Shali' or 'home' in the local Siwi language, was built by Berber populations atop a hill in the pristine Siwa oasis, some 600 kilometres (370 miles) southwest of Cairo

Alexandria: Important Roman-era finds

The remains of a vast residential settlement and a well-preserved Roman mosaic floor have been unearthed in Alexandria, reports Nevine El-Aref

Decorative ancient mosaic discovered in Alexandria

The find at Kom El-Dikka confirms the popularity of ornate design between the 1st and 3rd centuries AD in Roman Alexandria

Ancient workshop for construction of boats uncovered in Sinai

A Ptolemaic workshop for boat construction and repair has been uncovered in the Sinai Peninsula

Roman sarcophagi discovered in Egypt's Damietta

A collection of mud brick sarcophagi from the Roman period with the remains of mummies has been unearthed in Damietta

Archaeological chambers uncovered in Alexandria

A number of Roman and Byzantine chambers were uncovered in rescue excavations in Alexandria

Ptolemaic tomb discovered in Alexandria

A granite sarcophagus and a marble bust were found in a tomb during excavation work on private land in Alexandria

Ptolemaic crown pillar to be transported to the Grand Egyptian Museum

The crown pillar, first discovered in 2009, will undergo restoration before exhibition

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