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Levantine Foundation to hold a symposium in Cairo on Deir al-Serian's manuscripts

The symposium is to highlight the successful fieldwork to date and to conserve ancient manuscripts up to 1500 years old with the support of the British council's cultural protection fund

INTERVIEW: Promoting the rediscovery of Egypt's Coptic era

Coptic historian Atef Naguib discusses a key, but often overlooked, era in Egyptian history

St Catherine's Library and Mosaic of Transfiguration inaugurated after restoration

Work on restoring the library of St Catherine's Monastery began in 2014

Hurghada airport officials foil attempt to smuggle 18th-century Coptic icon

The antique religious object was seized at Hurghada International airport as a passenger attempted to smuggle it to Germany

Coptic tombstone unearthed at Sphinxes Avenue in Luxor

The object is carved of limestone and decorated with a cross and Coptic texts

Metro station police foil security guard's attempt to steal artefact from Coptic Museum

The museum worker had hidden the stolen piece under his clothes

Medieval Coptic wall-paintings uncovered at Egyptian monastery

Restorers at the Monastery of St. Bishoy near Cairo have uncovered frescoes depicting saints, martyrs and angels

Exhibition commemorating Coptic 'Martyrs' inaugurated at Coptic Museum

An exhibition on Egypt’s Coptic 'martyrs' from the early Coptic era until the present was inaugurated on Thursday at Cairo’s Coptic Museum

St Eugene Church in Port Said put on heritage list

Saint Eugene Church in Port Said is put on Egypt's Heritage List for Islamic and Coptic Monuments

Egypt's 'Hanging Church' officially inaugurated Saturday

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab and Pope Towadros II of Alexandria opened the Hanging Church in Old Cairo today after 16 years of restoration at a budget of LE101 million

Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities celebrates New Coptic Year

Entitled "Wahed Tout", the Ministry of Antiquities is celebrating Coptic New Year with lectures and music tonight at the Coptic Museum

Cairo's Hanging Church set to open in October

Hanging Church in Old Cairo will reopen in October after long process of renovation

Heritage grant to restore Alexandria monastery

World Heritage Organisation offers $100,000 grant to help restore Abu Mena city and monastery

Coptic Christian icon saved from being smuggled at Cairo airport

'Thief' reportedly tried to get rid of the Coptic icon of Mary and Jesus when he realised customs would check his bag

Three Coptic artefacts saved from smuggler at Cairo Airport

Airport police foiled on Wednesday a smuggling attempt of three Coptic artefacts headed to the US

Abbey Church of the Apostles is back on Egypt's tourist map

After years of neglect, the Abbey Church of the Apostles in Atfih town in Giza regains its original splendour

Philoxenite: the forgotten dream of pilgrims

Not far from Egypt's UNESCO World Heritage Site of Abu Mena are the remains of an old pilgrimage harbour that in its heyday received scores of pilgrims on their way to the sanctuary of Saint Menas

Critics scrutinise claim that ancient papyrus suggests Jesus had a wife

Is a scrap of papyrus suggesting that Jesus had a wife authentic?

Pope Shenouda exhibition opens in Cairo

Abbasiya Cathedral hosts exhibition charting life of Coptic Christian Pope Shenouda III, who died in March 2012

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