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Grand Egyptian Museum receives Tutankhamun's biggest shrine

A few months after receiving the fourth, third and second shrines of Tutankhamun, the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) received the first and biggest shrine and placed it in its permanent location at the boy king’s gallery.

Antiquities repatriation committee convenes over probe into Louvre trafficking of Egyptian artefacts

The National Committee for the Repatriation of Stolen and Smuggled Antiquities met Sunday to discuss several issues, chief among which was the latest work to repatriate stolen and illegally smuggled antiquities.

Passengers at Cairo Airport can visit its museums free on Wednesday

In celebration of the first anniversary of the opening of the two archaeological museums at Cairo International Airport, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced on Monday that museum visitors will be able to enter free of charge on 18 May.

Work at Egypt's Grand Egyptian Museum nears completion: Ministry

Architectural work at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is scheduled for completion by the end of June and interior finishes by the end of September, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced on Monday.

Cairo airport invites transit passengers to visit its Archaeological Museum

To promote and encourage travellers at Cairo International Airport to visit the Archaeological Museum on Terminal 2 during their transit in Egypt, a collection of banners and signage have been installed at different corners of the airport to attract more visitors.

In Photos: Egypt’s New Valley Museum exhibits artefacts of ancient oases rulers

A temporary exhibition entitled “Royal Artifacts of Ancient Egyptian Rulers of the Oasis,” is organized at the New Valley Museum marking his 29th anniversary.

‘The Rare Collection’ exhibition opens in Cairo

A temporary exhibition titled ‘The Rare Collection’ was inaugurated on Sunday at the Royal Carriages Museum. The exhibition will last for 30 days and will display a collection of rare artefacts from the Mohamed Ali family and items from the museum that have never been exhibited before.

Egypt’s national civilization museum hosts World Art Forum for 1st time

The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization will host on Saturday for the first time the World Art Forum (WAF), the largest international contemporary art event that adopts the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the core of their mission.

Royal Jewellery Museum inaugurates 'Your Royal Cup of Coffee' exhibit in Alexandria

Egypt’s Royal Jewellery Museum in Alexandria inaugurated on Sunday a temporary exhibit titled ‘Your Royal Cup of Coffee,’ featuring a set of coffee vessels from King Farouk’s collection.

In Photos: Egypt's museums put on show Artefacts of the Month

Egypt's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities has selected the Artefacts of the Month to be put on display at different museums.

Old Cairo’s Coptic Museum holds exhibition marking Christmas and New Year

The Coptic Museum in Old Cairo opened a three-week exhibition on Sunday, putting on show 11 treasured artefacts depicting scenes of Christmas and New Year celebrations.

In Photos: Luxor Museum celebrates its 46th anniversary with 12-month antiquities exhibition

To celebrate the 46th anniversary of the inauguration of the Luxor Museum on Sunday, a temporary antiquities exhibition will be on display tonight and will last for 12 months.

Egyptian Museum in Tahrir launches new website

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities launched a new website for the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, Cairo, marking the museum's 119th anniversary.

In Photos: The Kings of the Sun artefacts return to Egyptian Museum from Prague

The artefacts of The Kings of the Sun exhibition arrived in Egypt on Thursday and is now at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, a year after being on display in the Czech capital Prague.

Egypt kicks off second phase of project to beautify public squares

Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is starting on Sunday the second phase of a project to develop and beautify squares all over Egypt.

Egyptian Museum in Tahrir celebrates World Music Day

The exhibition includes 22 musical instruments used by ancient Egyptians who were fond of music

Egyptian Museum’s outer gate is returned to its original location

The outer gate of the museum had been restored last year for the first time since it was damaged in 2011

50% discount on the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation's tickets upon inauguration of main hall

The price of tickets will be EGP 60 for Egyptian visitors, 30 EGP for Egyptian students, 200 EGP for foreign visitors and 100 EGP for foreign students

Golden King Tutankhamun's smallest shrine arrives at Grand Egyptian Museum

The shrine is the smallest of King Tutankhamun's belongings but is also one of the biggest artefacts to be transported to the GEM from Tut’s collection

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