Brazil in Egypt: A legacy of an emperor

This year we celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first visit to Egypt by emperor Dom Pedro II of Brazil.

Democracy Distorted

Hyper-partisanship has resulted in a paralyzed Congress that can't pass legislation to save lives from disease or guns, protect the environment, or even ensure the right to vote.

COP27: An opportunity and a responsibility

The 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 26) is scheduled to take place between 31 October and 12 November 12 2021 in Glasgow, England.

Endangering ‘strategic ambiguity’?

After US President Joe Biden’s remarks on the US commitment to Taiwan earlier this month, the administration’s reassurances to China have been very welcome

The culture of dialogue

Hassan Hanafi's legacy will continue to enrich Muslim, Arab, Egyptian and human thought for a long time to come.

Corridor solution on the GERD

The Eastern Development Corridor, a collective and comprehensive regional development project, could be a way of solving the conflict over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam

The art of the possible: Politics and human rights in Egypt

The president canceled the extension of the state of emergency this week; an important step for Egyptians to be able to exercise the full range of civil and political rights. This was not only a demand of the January 25 Revolution, but it has been a top recommendation by many experts and advocates.

Follow the western media - at your own risk

The western media helps to shape global perceptions while warping the truth, which is why people should be aware of the risks involved in following it.

Tunisia's Bumpy Road

When Tunisian President Kais Saied dismissed the country's prime minister and closed the Parliament, he said he was doing so to "restore social peace...and save the state."

The power of protein

The various nutrition advice of the scientific community is driving us up the wall.

Confronting China?

Keeping up with developments in US-China relations.

A new momentum in transforming agri-food systems in the march to ending hunger

We at FAO have already rolled up our sleeves and got down to the practical tasks of leading the implementation and driving the transformation.

The state of the Arab world

The Arab world today is at a crossroads, with the transition to more open political systems looking possible in many of the Arab countries.

New geopolitical architecture in the Mediterranean

Egypt, France, and Greece are the three focal states in the new geopolitical architecture that is emerging in the Mediterranean and North Africa region

AUKUS and the New Cold War

The AUKUS Agreement between the US, UK, and Australia opens vistas onto an intense New Cold War that is only just beginning

Celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child

On the International Day of the Girl Child, let us pledge to end harmful practices, ensure quality education and eliminate gender inequalities. Let us pledge to invest in girls.


Every writer has a major weakness. Mine is a reluctance to write about other writers whom I knew personally on the occasion of their anniversary their birth or their death. If I plan to write at all.

Neglect, Cynicism, and Nice But Too Late

25 years after I wrote my memo to Clinton, we have arrived at this sorry state of affairs. Israel, acting with impunity born of the neglect of Palestinian rights and the enabling hand of successive US presidents and Congresses

Nasser’s letters

This unofficial correspondence between the president and ordinary people is a treasure.

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