Egypt Police: DNA analysis reveals church bomber 23-25 year old male

Ayman Farouk, Wednesday 5 Jan 2011

Police say investigation progressing towards uncovering "terror cell" responsible for the New Year's Eve bombing of Two Saints Church in Alexandria

Two Saints Church walls splattered with victims' blood. (Photo: Reuters)

DNA analysis of the remains of the suspected bomber responsible for the murderous New Year’s Eve attack on the Two Saints Church in Alexandria indicate that the suspect was male, 23-25 years of age, a police source told Ahram Online.
Police believe the suspect belonged to “a terror cell”, which planned the attack, and say that investigations are progressing towards uncovering the identity of the cell’s members.

The police also believe that the bomber had not intended suicide, but that had carried his explosive payload in a school backpack, which they believe he intended to leave behind, but that it exploded before he could do so.

They also confirm previous statements that the bomb was of a primitive homemade type whose manufacture could be learned from terrorist sites on the Internet.

They say the bomb contained 20-25kg of TNT mixed with certain chemicals, and contained tin fragments, which explain the severity of the injuries to the victims.

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