Korean Literature Month explores new worlds of Korean culture

Reham El-Adawi , Wednesday 7 Jul 2021

The Korean Cultural Centre in Egypt is organising a series of cultural events to introduce Korean literature to Egyptian readers

Oh Sung-ho
Director of the Korean Cultural Centre Oh Sung-ho. Photo courtesy of the KCC

The events of Korean Literature Month will run until the end of July and will include a series of video interviews that will be broadcasted on the Centre’s YouTube channel with a number of translators and critics on their experiences with Korean literature.  

The interviews will include Mahmoud Abdel-Ghaffar, professor of comparative literature at Cairo University, who translated into Arabic a collection of the most important Korean literary works, as well as Alaa Fathi, a professor of Korean literature at Ain Shams University, in addition to the young novelist Nahla Karam. 

A number of Egyptian students who are currently studying in South Korea will transfer their experiences of Korea’s reading culture and the vital role of libraries and publishing houses in Korea. The Readers’ Club, one of Egypt’s largest reading clubs, will provide an in-depth reading of Korean literary works translated into Arabic.

A literary evening will be organised in order to provide an in-depth reading of the most important masterpieces of Korean literature translated into Arabic. A group of critics and publishing house officials interested in translating Korean literature will be invited. 

In the same regard, the Korean Cultural Centre (KCC) is participating in the 52nd Cairo International Book Fair, which continues until 15 July, to promote cultural exchange between South Korea and Egypt while offering an opportunity to Egyptian readers to explore more aspects of Korean culture, particularly Korean literature. 

Director of the KCC Oh Sung-Ho, said that organising the “Korean Literature Month” event is considered an invitation to explore an essential element of Korean culture: Korean literature. 

He pointed out that Korean literature is gaining increasing popularity on the international scene, similar to K-POP and Korean drama, thanks to topics of contemporary interest, which encourage many young people to learn Korean language.

Sung-Ho acknowledged that translations of Korean literature into Arabic are still at an early stage, but he expressed the hope that new generations of Korean language graduates in Egypt would play a leading role in enhancing the number of Korean translations into Arabic.

For full information on Korean Literature Month, flock to the KCC’s YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MODILVo56SA

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