Korean ambassador performs Egyptians songs on saxophone

Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 13 Jul 2021

The Korean ambassador performs Egyptians songs on saxophone

Hong Jin-wook
Korean Ambassador to Egypt Hong Jin-wook

South Korea’s ambassador to Egypt endeavors to reinforce public diplomacy activities through music hoping that his efforts contribute to bringing people of Egypt and Korea together.

Hong Jin-Wook announced that the Korean Embassy produced a video clip titled "Love for Egypt: Saxophone by the Korean Ambassador - 3Daqat and National Anthem of Egypt".

The song comes as part of the embassy’s continued public diplomacy activities, the diplomat said.

Ambassador Hong said that he was more than delighted to humbly share what he had practiced for the past one year since his appointment as the Korean Ambassador to Egypt in June last year to express his love for Egypt through music.



The ambassador added that the popular Egyptian song 3Daqat (three beats), which was also covered by the Korean boy group B.I.G., is quite well known to the Korean people.

He further said that as the old Egyptian proverb "He who understands music understands the cosmos" goes, he hopes that his efforts will contribute to bringing the two countries' peoples together so that they can better understand their beloved friends in the other side of the globe.  


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