Gouter: A taste of culture from Cairo's largest culinary hub

Ingy Deif, Tuesday 28 Sep 2021

It was a night to remember as the multi-faceted magical aspects of history, cultures, art and wonders of food intertwined showcasing a splendid spectacle of glamour and joy.

Abdel Mohsen Salama, Marwa El Tobgi, Nevine Gamea, Khaled Ananai, Karam Gabr
Abdel Mohsen Salama, Marwa El Tobgi, Nevine Gamea, Khaled Ananai, Karam Gabr Abdel Sadiq Shorbagi Photo by: Ayman Barayez

With the magical Baron palace on the outskirts of Heliopolis district acting as a magnificent backdrop, 17 countries offered a glimpse of their culinary arts in Cairo's biggest annual food festival.

On September 25, the esteemed Nisf El-Donia magazine, an Al-Ahram publication since 1990, organized Gouter festival, presenting a special blend between civilizations and cultures of various countries.

The festival was held under the auspices of Egypt’s Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly and Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled El-Anani and in collaboration with Al-Ahram organization and its affiliated Al-Ahram Advertising Agency.

Nevin Gamea, Minister of Trade and Industry, stressed the Egyptian state's keenness to strengthen economic and trade ties with various countries and cultures in its regional environment and at the global level.

In a speech on behalf of Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly during her opening of the first international cultural festival, the minister pointed out that Egypt will remain a commercial, logistical and cultural hub linking East and West.

Attending this year's event were Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities Khaled El-Anani, Chairman of Al-Ahram Newspaper  Abdel Mohsen Salama, head of the Supreme Council for Media Regulation Karam Gabr, and various ambassadors and notable guests from the fields of media and art.

Addressing the attendees, Marwa El Tobgi , Editor-in-Chief of Nisf El-Dunia magazine, emphasized the importance of building bridges between societies through art and culture.

"As we offer a glimpse of different tastes that define various cuisines of the participating countries, we mirror the beauty of their cultures and speak of arts that unite people and know no boundaries," she said.

The event called on countries worldwide to get to know each other under the slogan "One world, many cultures." It highlighted the aspect of food and arts bridging gaps and forming a unified platform for people from all over the world.

Each country of the 17 participants offered some activities throughout the one-day event, including serving and tasting the most famous traditional dishes as well as exhibits of traditional handicrafts which each country is famous for.

The festival entertained the audience with traditional songs and music from Egypt and performances and folk dances with a special documentary about Armenia and its people and heritage presented to the audience.

The cultural event was attended by Egypt’s intellectuals, media professionals, statesmen, senior writers and artists, as well as foreign residents of all nationalities.

Accolades were given to in recognition of various individuals who have made a positive impact through their various channels and media work.

The list of countries participating in the festival's activities included Palestine, Algeria, Tunisia, Armenia, Thailand, Colombia, Russia, Spain, Slovenia, Ireland, India, Peru, Ukraine, Indonesia, Belgium, Georgia, and Egypt.

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