Director of the Russian Cultural Centre receives warm Egyptian farewell

Reham El-Adawi , Friday 29 Oct 2021

Three events were organized earlier this week to bid farewell to the Director of the Russian Cultural Centre in Cairo and counsellor of the Russian Embassy Alexey Tevanyan and his wife for their great contributions in supporting cultural relations between Egypt and Russia in recent years.


The first event honouring Tevanyan was a dinner party organised by Ambassador Ezzat Saad, director of the Egyptian Council for Foreign Affairs and the former Egyptian ambassador in Moscow.

Saad stressed that the great effort made by Tevanyan was evident in his various and extended activities in Egypt.

This event was also attended by the Russian Ambassador to Egypt Georgiy Borisenko and the Armenian Ambassador to Egypt Hrachya Poladyan and his wife, together with President of the Egyptian-Russian Friendship Association Ibrahim Kamel, and Head of the Association and the Arab Union for Graduates of Russian and Soviet Universities Sherif Gad.

For his part, Borisenko thanked Tevanyan for his work, which produced fruitful results and has had a direct impact on the development of cultural ties between the two countries.

The centre’s employees in Cairo also organised a grand celebration to bid farewell to Tevanyan and his wife in the presence of Marat Gatin, the centre’s new director.

The final ceremony honouring him was organised by the Egyptian Association of Graduates of Russian and Soviet Universities.

At this ceremony, Gad indicated that Tevanyan treated the association as a key partner from his first day of work, adding “Together, we were able to implement many effective and influential activities. The great activity of Tevanyan, which extended to the Egyptian media, made him a well-known figure in cultural circles, and he was glad to find he is known in the Egyptian street.”

At the same ceremony, the association’s Secretary-General Fathy Toughan said that they are proud of the achievements that have been implemented with the centre under the wise management of Tevanyan, and “we are confident that this distinctive activity will continue with the presence of the new director Marat Gatin.”

Tevanyan expressed his thanks and happiness for this warm Egyptian farewell and addressed the centre’s workers, saying, “You have become a part of my life.”

“Egypt has also become my second home, and I will be happy to return, especially since I drank from the Nile water in Aswan to confirm the popular saying, and there is no doubt that my period of work in Egypt has been the most important of my life.”

As an expression of their gratitude, members of the association, including professors Bahega El-Helbawy, Ayman Montaser, Samia Tawfiq, Mounir Nasr Eldeen, Tamer Fouad and Refaat Kamal Eldeen gave a number of gifts to Tevanyan.

Tevanyan has served as the centre’s director since 2017.

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