Cairo court sentences doctor to life for sexually assaulting six minor girls

El-Sayed Gamal El-Din , Tuesday 9 Nov 2021

A Cairo court sentenced on Tuesday a doctor to life for sexually assaulting six minor girls in his private residence and clinic.

The High Court of Justice
File Photo: The High Court of Justice in Cairo. REUTERS

The prosecution had  referred the doctor to criminal court on charges of kidnapping six minor girls and sexually assaulting them in his private residence and clinic.

The doctor committed the crimes by taking advantage of the girls' young age, luring them to his residence and private clinic by deluding them to believe that they needed medical examination and treatment, before sexually assaulting them, the prosecution charged.

Tuesday's ruling can be appealed.

A life sentence carries 25 years in prison, according to Egyptian law.

Meanwhile, the court exonerated today the doctor's wife of the charges of assisting him in committing the crimes by attending meeting with some of the victims and their families in order to reassure the victims that they would be receiving medical treatment.

The prosecution had gathered evidence in the case through the testimonies of the victims and 12 witnesses.

It also found various forms of evidence of the crimes committed by the doctor, including chats, images and videos on phones and laptops, as well as CDs containing sexual videos of the victims.

The prosecution also found that the defendant claimed in a published pamphlet holding an academic degree, which he did not hold.

It also established that he also failed to register his clinic with the relevant authorities.

The case began to surface online in September when various Facebook pages and Instagram accounts that support the victims of sexual harassment and assaults began to speak about a psychiatrist who used to kidnap and sexually assault rural girls, who travel to Cairo to seek medical help.

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