Promo for Egyptian film 'Abu Saddam' released following win at Cairo Int'l Film Festival

Ahram Online , Wednesday 8 Dec 2021

Sea Cinema Productions released the promo for the film 'Abu Saddam' featuring Egyptian actor Mohamed Mamdouh, who won the Best Actor award at the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF).

Abu Saddam

The film had its world premiere during the CIFF, which closed on 5 December. The new promo, released on the Sea Cinema Productions' Facebook page, has gained over 34,000 of views in past 24 hours.

In the film, directed by Nadine Khan and written by Mahmoud Ezzat, Mamdouh portrays the protagonist, a 40-year-old truck driver during his journey on the North Coast Road.

"[The protagonist] decides that he wants to complete his mission perfectly to uphold his work reputation, but he faces a small situation on the road and things get out of control," reads the synopsis released by the festival.

During a panel discussion that took place within the CIFF programming, the director revealed that the film goes deep into the truck driver community, one that she has been exploring for several years following a tragic truck accident she saw on a road.

As Khan explained, the incident remained in her mind, prompting her to think about the people who spend long hours behind the wheel to make ends meet.

In her coverage of the panel for the CIFF's Daily Bulletin, Aida Youssef wrote: "Drawn to the stories of the characters who find it hard to find their place in society, Khan fused those lines when creating Abu Saddam."

She also quoted the award-winning Mamdouh as saying, “The well-written script and plot, as well as the work team, attracted me to this film. Filming a movie on the road and the intricacies of Abu Saddam, a multifaceted character, was a unique challenge. Abu Saddam is a defeatist who attempts to persuade himself in many ways that he is right and everyone else is wrong. He actually resembles the truck he is driving...” 

This is the first main role for Mamdouh. His previous roles included smaller appearances in films such as The Knower (2021), Ahl Al Kahf (2020), and Sons of Rizk (2019), as well as numerous TV series including Take Care of Zizi (2021) and Qabeel (2019).

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