Egyptian actress Maha Abu Ouf dies at 62

Ahram Online , Thursday 6 Jan 2022

Egyptian actress Maha Abu Ouf died on Thursday after struggling with cancer.

Maha Abou Ouf
Maha Abou Ouf

The news of the actress’s passing was revealed by the Acting Professions’ Syndicate.

Abu Ouf was born on 28 November 1959 and studied at the American University in Cairo.

She stepped into the limelight after she started singing in the highly popular family band ‘The Four M’, which was founded by her brother Ezzat Abu Ouf in 1979. The band was a collaboration project between Ezzat and his four sisters: Maha, Mona, Mervat, and Manal.

Abu Ouf’s singing career helped jettison her into the acting industry when she started receiving roles in films and television series in the early 1980s.

Her filmography includes roles in films such as ‘Ana La Aktheb Wa Lakenny Atagammal’ (‘I Don’t Lie, I Beautify’), ‘Matloub Hayyan Aw Mayyetan’ (‘Wanted Dead or Alive’), ‘Ahla El-Aw’aat’ (‘The Best Moments’) and ‘Maalesh Ehna Benetbahdel’ (‘We Are Being Tarnished’).

Furthermore, she took part in numerous television shows such as ‘Sayyedat El-Fondok’ (‘The Lady of the Hotel’), ‘El-ragol El-Aakhar’ (‘The Other Man’), and the popular sitcom ‘Raagel Wi Sett Settaat’ (‘A Man and Six Women’).

Her most recent appearances include the highly successful film ‘The Blue Elephant 2’, which was directed by Marwan Hamed, in 2019; and ‘Virus’, which was written and directed by Usama Omar, in 2020. She had also recently performed in the television series ‘El-Hareer El-Makhli’ in 2020.

Throughout her career, Abu Ouf worked with numerous renowned directors, including Ibrahim El-Shaqanqiry and Daoud Abdel-Sayed, and shared the screen with renowned Egyptian actors such as Yehia El-Fakharani, Sawsan Badr, Mahmoud El-Guindi, Nelly Karim, Salah Zulfikar, Mervat Amin, Gamil Rateb, and Mohamed Sobhi.

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