Egyptian singer Cherine Amr releases new version of Microphone film's Abaad Makan

Ahram Online , Tuesday 18 Jan 2022

Canada-based Egyptian singer, songwriter, and guitarist Cherine Amr — known as Cheen — released a new take on her known 2010 single Abaad Makan on 14 January 2022 on YouTube.


Canada-based Egyptian singer, songwriter, and guitarist Cherine Amr — known as Cheen — released a new take on her known 2010 single Abaad Makan on 14 January 2022 on YouTube

The song's new version comes ten years after Cheeen had released it in Ahmad Abdalla's multi-award winning film Microphone (2010). 

Filled with Cheen's nostalgia that she shares with the young generation who are currently in their 20's, the fresh new arrangement resonates a lot with the current pop music in Egypt.

"The new version is now two days old, and reading the audience's reaction is very emotional," Cheen wrote in a note shortly after the release. She adds that "people started sharing how old they were when they first heard this song and what it means to them. It's funny that I didn't grasp how much time has passed up until this moment."

The song is written by Cheen (music and lyrics), with music production and artwork by Molotof, and photo by Hosam Araby.

Directed by Ahmad Abdalla, Microphone depicts youths who always manage to find a way to create art, despite many challenges they face from authorities or their families. Alternating between documentary and fiction, the film featured numerous artists from the Alexandria's underground scene, many of whom later on have become well known in their respective fields.

"The playful ever-moving camera mirrors the Alexandrian youths it represents, who are in constant motion roaming about the city on skateboards, running or walking, yet never in cars. Abdalla is quite masterful in depicting a city and its spirit. Along with the stories presented, he weaves footage of the city and its ordinary citizens going about their daily lives," wrote Menna Taher in her review published shortly after the film's success at the Cairo International Film Festival.

Microphone won Best Arabic Film Award at Cairo International Film Festival (2010), Tanit d'Or at Carthage Film Festival (2010), Muhr Arab Award at Dubai International Film Festival (2010), Golden Tulip at Istanbul International Film Festival (2011) and Special Jury Mention at Granada Film Festival Cines del Sur (2011).

As an Egyptian guitarist, singer, and songwriter, Cheen’s career is almost two decades long. She was the first female musician to form a metal band in Egypt, Massive Scar Era (with Nancy Mounir) back in 2004, when she had already been writing her own songs. The band was also known as Mascara.
Then came Ahmad Abdalla’s multi award-winning film Microphone (2010) starring Khaled Abu El-Naga, Menna Shalaby, and Youssra El-Lozi, in which the director featured one of Cheen’s solo pop-rock songs titled ‘Abaad Makan’ (The Furthest Place).
In 2012, Mascara released an EP titled ‘Comes Around You’, and their well-known single ‘My Ground’ came out a year later.

Her other projects include forming a solo band (Cheen) and releasing an album titled ‘Alam Tany’ (Another World).

In 2015, Cheen moved to Canada, where she started gaining a new audience while continuing to perform in Egypt occasionally. Among her most recent appearances was at the Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival in April 2019, where Massive Scar Era took the stage of the Greek Campus in a concert showcasing female musicians.

She also paid a short visit to Egypt in March 2020 and worked on a music video for her single ‘Esmi’, the first track in a series of five released in April of the same year by Universal Music MENA record label.

In 2021, Cheen released an album in collaboration with Canadian producer La Machine à Mixer.

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