WYF recommendations

Tuesday 18 Jan 2022

THE FOURTH edition of the World Youth Forum (WYF) concluded last week with several recommendations. President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi said he sought to set up a global incubator for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small industries in coordination with all concerned authorities as well as the cabinet.

Al-Sisi assigned the National Training Academy (NTA) to prepare specialised training programmes for Arab and African youths to enhance their skills in addressing the changes which resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic and current conflicts and to augment their capabilities in entrepreneurship and technology.

Dealing with climate change and the 27th climate summit (COP27) to be held later this year in Egypt, in Sharm El-Sheikh, took centre stage.

President Al-Sisi requested the forum’s administration along with the cabinet and the country’s concerned authorities to launch an international campaign encompassing Egypt’s young people and world youth who participated in the forum to present their perception of the issues related to the management of international water resources.

Among further WYF recommendations were regulating the use of trans-boundary water resources and developing regulations which address the management of shared water resources based on the sustainable rules of international law; unifying UN efforts to promote a platform that would guarantee the funds required for reconstruction; and initiating an international strategy to reinforce social and humanitarian cohesion and create “bigger” chances for strengthening international peace and security.

The WYF closing ceremony saw the graduation of NTA trainees who were presented with graduation certificates by President Al-Sisi for attending a youth leadership programme which aims at establishing a strong and rich base of competent youths in political, administrative, and community work. The idea of the Presidential Programme for Youth Leadership was first announced by President Al-Sisi in 2015.

*A version of this article appears in print in the 20 January, 2022 edition of Al-Ahram Weekly.

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