Indomie flavoured instant noodles to be pulled from the market within 48 hours: Egypt’s Food Safety Authority

Ahram Online , Tuesday 26 Apr 2022

Egypt’s Food Safety Authority (FSA) announced on Tuesday that it has given Indomie Egypt 48 hours to pull from Egyptian markets its chicken and vegetables flavoured instant noodles as well as instant noodles with chili packs as they are are unfit for human consumption.

instant noodles
An illustrative image of instant noodles. Al-Ahram


According to the statement issued by FSA, periodic food safety tests revealed Indomie’s chili packets and the chicken and vegetable flavors packets were found to be unsuitable for human consumption due to the presence of aflatoxins and pesticide residues in quantities that exceeded safe limits.

Other than those three products, Indomie instant noodles were generally found to be safe for human consumption.

The FSA stated that following its findings it decided to pull the products in question from the food supply chain, banning the sale of non-conforming chili and flavour packs and giving Indomie Egypt 48 hours to withdraw the products from store shelves.

It also ordered the company to remove claims on its products’ packages that they contain vitamin B, iron, zinc and calcium.

The FSA ordered Indomie Egypt to stop dealing with the company producing the chili powder until corrective measures are taken to ensure that the product is free of contaminants and pathogens.

Indomie Egypt has already withdrawn 733,340 cartons of flavoured instant noodles since it was informed of the FSA’s decisions, according to the statement.

In addition to withdrawing the non-conforming products, Indomie Egypt is also offering instant noodles without the chili packs.

Indonesian company Indomie is a popular instant noodles brand in Egypt that inaugurated its first factory in Egypt in 2009.

In early April, complaints from parents spread about their children who became sick after eating the quick and cheap flavoured noodles.

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