Ruby to perform a concert in Tunisia for the first time

Eslam Omar , Tuesday 10 May 2022

Egyptian singer-actress Ruby is taking a step forward in her flourishing pop singing career, as she is gearing up for her first ever performance in Tunisia on 28 May in a large hotel in Sousse city.



Ruby’s debut in the North African country is another step in her two-decade singing career, as she aims to increase appearances and expand her fan-base across the Arab region, building on her dominating music streaming in Egypt last year.

At 40,  Ruby is among the top pop singers in Egypt and a number of Arab countries on various streaming platforms like YouTube, Anghami and Spotify, with multiple hits released last summer including ‘Hetta Tanya’ and ‘Alby Plastic’, gaining hundreds of millions of streams.

Ruby has recently performed a number of commercially successful concerts in Cairo and the North Coast, thanks to her strong presence on stage. 

Since being shot to fame by producer and director Sherif Sabri during the Arab world’s golden era of the music video in the early 2000s, Ruby has established a successful career in acting in dozens of commercially successful and critically acclaimed films and TV shows, including with prominent directors like the late Youssef Chahine, Sherif Arafa, Mohamed Yassin and many others.

In this Eid season, Ruby starred opposite Ahmed Helmy in the hit flick Wahed Tany (Another One).

This Ramadan season, She shared the lead with Mai Omar in the TV comedy Rania wa Sakina, as well as co-starring in a catchy commercial jingle with Mahmoud El-Esseily.

Ruby’s repertoire also includes her early hits like Leh Beydary Keda (Why Is Hiding Like This), Yal-Romoush (Oh, Eye Lashes!) and her first hit Enta Aref Leh (You Know Why).

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