New personal status law must be balanced to solve family issues honestly and impartially: Sisi

Ahram Online , Tuesday 10 May 2022

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi said on Tuesday that there was an urgent need for a new balanced personal status law in Egypt to solve family issues honestly and impartially.

President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi

In his statement via telephone to the TV show Newsroom on Sada El-Balad TV channel Tuesday evening, the Egyptian president said that the divorce rate has sharply increased in Egypt over the past decades and there is a need to draft a balanced personal status law as soon as possible.

The president said that he held the state’s judges, government and parliament, as well as Al-Azhar accountable in front of God for what has been done in that regard, adding he is not biased toward women.

He also expressed his fear that youth would avoid marriage in Egypt due to the high rate of divorce in the country.

El-Sisi’s call followed the program’s interview with Judge Abdullah El-Baga, the current president of Cairo Appeals Cairo and the former president of the Family Appeals Court.

The judge spoke about the need for a new balanced personal status law, as well as the reasons why the previous draft laws presented to the parliament failed.

Expressing his admiration for the veteran judge’s comments, El-Sisi described it as the first balanced and objective talk about the matter. The president also assigned El-Baga to prepare in the coming days a list of veteran judges with experience in the family court to prepare a draft bill.

This is not the first time El-Sisi has spoken about the need for a new personal status law in Egypt.

In March 2021, following the submission of a draft bill to parliament the previous month, the president said that the government was keen to see that any new law would be balanced and served the public’s interest.

The president’s statements came amid controversy stirred by several parts of the draft bill, which regulates marriage, divorce, and guardianship and custody issues.

During the same time, Al-Azhar presented a second draft bill for the personal status law.

According to Judge El-Baga, both these draft bills were full of legal gaps due to the “stretchy words” in the text which led to their failure eventually to be issued as laws.

Economic crisis

El-Sisi also spoke about the economic conditions in the country, saying that people should not be worried about the supply of commodities in markets during the latest world economic crisis, which he described as unprecedented.

In his statements to Newsroom, he said that the Egyptian state has a strategic stockpile of commodities and food supplies good for at least six months.

He added that people can still find what they want to buy in the market, despite higher prices.

El-Sisi stated that the current crisis is big and impacts hundreds of countries, adding that the International Monetary Fund announced that 143 countries are feeling its effects, including Egypt.

He also referred to a meeting he held on Tuesday with officials from the central bank and ministries of finance, commerce and investments.

He also spoke about how the government will work to provide all production inputs and raw supplies so industries will not stop.

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