Board of trustees finalises Dialogue’s subcommittees, to reconvene on 27 August

Ahram Online , Wednesday 3 Aug 2022

The Egyptian National Dialogue board of trustees announced that the formation of the subcommittees of the dialogue’s political, economic, and social tracks is finalised during its fourth meeting in the National Training Academy on Wednesday.

Egyptian National Dialogue board of trustees holds its fourth meeting, 3 August 2022. Press photo
Egyptian National Dialogue board of trustees holds its fourth meeting, 3 August 2022. Press photo


Egypt is set to hold a national dialogue among national forces to reach “common grounds” on priority issues facing the nation as per a call by President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi in April.

The board also announced today that its next meeting is set on 27 August to announce the names of the subcommittees’ coordinators and their deputies, according to the board's statement.

The next meeting will also prepare the issues and topics set to be discussed during the coming sessions, according to the statement.

During its Wednesday meeting, the board announced the formation of seven subcommittees for the dialogue’s economic track, which are Inflation and Price Increases; Public Debt, Deficit Spending, and Financial Reformation; Public Investment Priorities and State Ownership Politics; Private Investment (local and global); Industry and Production; Agricultural and Food Safety; and Social Justice.

The subcommittees of the economic tracks were announced after extensive talks among the members of the board and after reviewing the suggestions received from different sects and citizens, the statement said.

Three subcommittees have been formed under the political track, namely the exercise of political rights and the representation of the parliament and political parties; Localities; Human Rights and Public Freedom.

The subcommittees of the social track of the dialogue are namely Education, Health, Housing, Family and Social Cohesion, and Culture and National Identity.

The board also announced the final drafting of article 18 of the dialogue board of trustees’ bylaws, which grants the board the right to form committees and subcommittees when needed and name a coordinator and a deputy coordinator for each subcommittee based on the dialogue’s general coordinator’s recommendations.

Moreover, members of the board of trustees are granted the right to attend any of the sessions of the special committees and subcommittees, according to the article.

El-Sisi called for the national dialogue and reactivated the Presidential Pardon Committee on 26 April during the annual Egyptian Family Iftar banquet.

The president has urged all political forces to participate, however, he stressed that the terrorist-designated Muslim Brotherhood group is not invited.

The president has promised to attend the final stages of the dialogue.

In light of the dialogue, hundreds of prisoners of conscience and pretrial detainees have been released since April, including prominent figures.

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