Global food crisis represents existential threat for Africa: Egypt parliament speaker

Gamal Essam El-Din , Thursday 1 Sep 2022

The current global food crisis caused by the war in Ukraine represents an existential threat to African peoples and societies, said parliament speaker Hanafi El-Gibali.

Hanfi EL-Gbaly
Ahram Gate Photo


Addressing the eleventh conference of the speakers of African parliaments, held in South Africa on Thursday, El-Gibali said "Egypt will spare no effort providing all help necessary to African countries to meet their food needs amid such hard circumstances."

"Just like Egypt played a leading role in liberating African countries from foreign occupation and colonial rule, it is now ready to provide African countries with all the strategies necessary to achieve self-sufficiency in food production and speed up economic and social development."

El-Gibali also urged African countries to develop new strategies of economic integration.

"This integration is the only way to give Africa the voice and roles it deserves at the international arena. African countries should take a number of urgent measures in the coming stage, at the top of which is diversifying sources of food, securing food supply chains, localising the use of technologies in agricultural production, and improving the competitive capacities of African economies in order to be able to achieve sustainable development."

El-Gibali also revealed that Egypt aims to use the COP27 conference, due to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh next November, to give prominence and priority to African issues.

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