Egyptian architectural historian May El-Ibrashy wins Prince Claus Fund’s Impact Award

Amira Noshokaty , Tuesday 6 Sep 2022

Egyptian architectural historian May El-Ibrashy is among the winners of the 2022 Prince Claus Impacts awards for her contribution and innovation in her community.

May El-Ibrashy
Egyptian Architectural Historian May El-Ibrashy.


The Prince Claus Fund has announced on Tuesday the six recipients of the first 2022 Prince Claus Impact Awards. 

The new award honours individuals whose work in art and culture engages their communities in innovative, positive ways while addressing issues of urgent contemporary relevance.

El-Ibrashy is an architect whose work centres on community engagement through heritage conservation, rehabilitation, preservation, and re-signification. She is the founder of the Megawra Built Environment Collective, a twinship between an architectural firm and an NGO.

Through her work she has managed to create a real difference for the often-marginalised communities living in Cairo’s historic centre and has created an important counter narrative to the current government’s focus on urban expansion and renewal, creating a new sense of hope and pride for the communities she works with. 

Focusing on Al-Khalifa District in Sayeda Zeinab, Al-Hattaba district by the citadel, and Al-Imam Al-Shafii district, El-Ibrashy’s participatory conservation initiative is an inspiring successful community dialogue that has been going on for 10 years. The impact of the dialogue still resonates in the communities of Al Khalifa District, Al-Hattaba and Al-Imam Al-Shafii.

The other five recipients are: 

Ailton Alves Lacerda Krenak (Brazil), an indigenous leader, environmentalist, and philosopher.

Alain Gomis (Senegal), a Senegalese-French film director and screenwriter.

Hassan Darsi (Morocco), a visual artist whose work promotes critical thinking about public spaces and citizenship.

Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara (Cuba), an artist and human rights defender.

María Medrano (Argentina) is a writer, poet and editor.

The Awards Ceremony shall take place in the Royal Palace Amsterdam on the 7th of December.

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