EgyptAir offers discounted tickets for expat families until late 2023

Jehad El-Sayed , Tuesday 27 Sep 2022

The Ministry of Emigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs, in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Aviation, announced on Tuesday that it is granting special discount offers and exclusive prices on EgyptAir tickets for Egyptian expatriate families.



This is a part of a set of incentives for expatriates to facilitate their visits to their home country, according to the ministerial statement.

In a meeting with Minister of Civil Aviation Mohamed Abbas Helmy, Minister of Emigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs Soha Gendi announced that these will be applied for travelers on EgyptAir flights to and from Egypt, and include discounts on a spouse’s ticket price of up to 25 percent, and a reduction in children’s ticket prices of up to 33 percent for two children.

The age for children included in the discount has also been increased to 15 years, up from 11 years old previously, while the ticket for the main breadwinner of the family will be at regular price.

The Ministry of Aviation explained that the offers will be available on EgyptAir’s website and for tourism agents all over the world.

These discounts will be available for immediate booking starting 1 October until the end of September 2023, except for certain times of the year where the offers will be suspended due to heavy pre-booking on flights, she added.

Moreover, Gendy asserted that the Ministry of Emigration will continue to provide facilities and incentives for Egyptian expatriates, as part of the ministry’s action plan to meet their needs.

Earlier in June, Egypt’s Ministry of Emigration cooperated with Shezlong, an online therapy platform, to provide psychological support for Egyptians abroad.

The cooperation protocol with Shezlong provides free-of-charge service to Egyptian youth abroad, so they can talk to psychologists easily via an online platform and choose the issue from which they suffering: “bullying, exclusion, family problems, psychological pressures.”

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