Egypt's MPs to donate their body organs after death

Gamal Essam El-Din , Wednesday 23 Nov 2022

In a meeting on Tuesday night, members declared that they have decided to donate their body organs after death.

File photo: Egypt s House of Representatives


MP Inas Abdel-Halim said "the decision comes to encourage citizens to donate their body organs to help save the lives of patients who are in need of organ transplant operations, not to mention that the  move helps spread the culture of organ donation among citizens and that it doesn't contradict with Islam's teachings."

Abdel-Halim revealed that MPs have already provided their official signature of approval on donation certificates.

"These certificates will be registered with the health ministry's free medication department as required by the law," said Abdel-Halim, indicating that "on each certificate, each MP declares  his/her approval that he/she accepts that he/she donates his/her body organs after death to citizens who are most in need of them."

Meanwhile, Ashraf Hatem, the chair of the House's Health Affairs Committee, told reporters that in their meeting on Tuesday night, MPs also urged the Ministry of Health to put the law of human body organ transplant (5/2010) into effect.

"Article eight of this law states that citizens can donate their body organs after death by virtue of an official document that should be ratified by the Ministry of Health's Higher Committee for Organ Transplant," said Hatem, indicating that "the same article also stipulates that the Committee's secretariat-general creates a special book for registering the names of citizens who accept to donate their body organs after death."

"The MPs who have decided to donate their organs were going to have the honour to be the first to register their names in this book as the vanguard of body organ donors in Egypt," said Hatem. 

A number of Egyptian celebrities, such as actress Ilham Shahin, have recently announced that they have decided to donate their body organs after death.

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