Syrian singer George Wassouf performs in Alexandria after two-decade-long absence

Ahram Online , Saturday 26 Nov 2022

The renowned Syrian singer George Wassouf performed to thousands of die-hard fans in Alexandria on Friday after over twenty years of absence from the city.

George Wassouf
George Wassouf is releasing Byetkallem Aalaya on Saturday 26 November


Thousands of spectators, who gathered at the Golden Jewel Hotel's Alex Arena for the concert, sang along to some of his most well known hits.

“Egypt is my homeland. It is the mother of the world,” Wassouf, 60, said during the concert, expressing his gratitude for the warm welcome and his love to Egypt.

Dubbed Tarab Sultan (which means The Sultan of Music); Wassouf performed some of his evergreen Egyptian-slang songs like Bayaein El-Hawa, Mafish Hesab, Tabib Garrah, Salaf Wi Dein, Saber Wi Radi and many others.

Also in Egyptian dialect, Wassouf’s latest song released last year titled “Ya Al-Zaman” has been viewed over 21 million times on YouTube alone.

He is set to release another Egyptian music video Saturday afternoon titled “Byetkallem Aalaya.” The song’s lyrics was written by Amir Teama, composed by Ziad Bourji and arranged by Zaher Deeb.

A talented performer since boyhood, Wassouf is one of the most famous Arabic singers who has been shot to fame in 1980 after an eye-catching appearance in Lebanese show Studio El-Fan in 1980.

The multi-awarded singer who has sold millions of records worldwide released a documentary series last year titled Masirati (My Career) shedding light into secrets of his life and music journey.

The same coastal arena that hosted Wassouf is hosting another big concert for Egyptian singer Mohamed Mounir on Friday, 2 December.

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