Eye of Horus Bustier sees collaboration between Balmain and Azza Fahmy

Ingy Deif, Friday 16 Dec 2022

Renowned Egyptian jewelry designer Azza Fahmy announced on Thursday a collaboration with French fashion house Balmain to produce a stunning bodice crafted with Egyptian symbols: the Eye of Horus Bustier.



More than half a century ago, Cairo-based jeweller Azza Fahmy started as an apprentice in the male-dominated workshops of Khan El-Khalili, learning about the centuries-old craft of jewellry-making.

Since then, she has started her own workshop with a handful of people to tell stories of heritage and culture through her creations. She has become one of the most famous Egyptian jewellery designers, collaborating with famous names on the catwalk.

Fahmy is acclaimed worldwide, not only for her well-researched designs, but for the manifestation of the Ottoman craftsmen tradition, which had been present in Egypt for centuries.

The collaboration with the French fashion house celebrates Fahmy's contributions to the revival and restoration of the heritage of ancient Egypt, embodying the brand's primary goal of reimagining history and tradition into wearable art, Amina Ghaly, the head of design at Azza Fahmy, said in a statement.

Their Eye of Horus Bustier designed by Fahmy draws inspiration from a gold plate found among Tutankhamun treasures and is carved in the shape of the Eye of Horus.

Fahmy’s design also features other elements: the lotus symbolizing the sun, rebirth and creation. As for the design of the pectoral from the back, it came in the form of wings hollowed out by hand and stretched on both sides, as an evocation of the wings that protect the goddess Nekhbet.

Balmain has previous experience in Egypt, collaborating with the famous Egyptian brand Okhtein for their Spring/Summer 23 fashion show in September.

The French luxury fashion house also previously featured pyramids, hieroglyphics, and even Nefertiti’s face in its spring 2019 collection.

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