EgyptAir celebrates International Women's Day with all-female flight to Athens

Habiba Hamdy , Tuesday 14 Mar 2023

Egypt's Ministry of Aviation recently marked International Women's Day with a special flight crewed entirely by women.

Screen grab from the Ministry of Aviation s released video of an Egyptian Woman in pilot training.
Screen grab from the Ministry of Aviation s released video of an Egyptian Woman in pilot training.



The flight, which was headed to Athens, Greece, was captured on a video by the Ministry of Aviation released on Tuesday.

The video was released ahead of Egyptian Women's Day, which takes place in the same month. It is celebrated on 16 March in honour of Egyptian women's participation – and first female demonstration – in the 1919 revolution. Notable women such as Huda Al-Shaarawy and Hamida Khalil led the protests, with the latter falling martyr to British bullets. Now, Egyptian Women's Day is commemorated in honour of all 300 women who marched that day.

As part of Tuesday's celebrations, Minister of Aviation Mohammed Helmy honoured several women for their contributions to the civil aviation sector. In a statement released by the ministry on Monday, Helmy expressed gratitude for women's role in society, both in the family and in the labour force.

The ministry’s released video footage showcased women in a variety of positions and occupations within the aviation sector. It included aerospace engineers conducting flight maintenance, service staff working in duty-free shops, check-in counter operators, sales officers, and public relations staff. The video also featured female cabin crew members in training and on active flights, as well as female pilots in training.

In addition to the video footage, EgyptAir posted a celebratory message on social media last week, wishing all women around the world a happy International Women's Day.

The aviation sector has a long history of distinguished women, said Helmy, and Egyptian women have played an important role in society's construction and development worldwide. With events like this all-female flight, Egypt Air and the Ministry of Aviation are highlighting the important contributions that women make in all aspects of the aviation industry.

International Women's Day is celebrated every year on 8 March to raise awareness about gender equality and women's issues worldwide.

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