Cairo conducting intensive talks with Israel & Palestinian factions to end escalation in Gaza: Egyptian official

Ahram Online , Friday 5 Aug 2022

An Egyptian official told Extra News that Egypt is conducting intensive communications between Israel and Palestinian factions to end the currect escalation in the Gaza Strip in order to preserve the 2021 ceasefire.



"Egypt is conducting intensive communications with the Palestinian and the Israeli sides to end the currect escalation in Gaza and to contain the situation," the official told the Egyptian TV channel.

"Egypt is carrying out its traditional role during crises and rejects grandstanding," the official stressed.

On Friday afternoon, Israel unleashed a wave of deadly airstrikes in Gaza, killing at least 15 people, including a senior Islamic Jihad militant, and wounding tens others, according to Palestinian officials.

The Islamic Jihad group immediately vowed retaliation.

"The Egyptian efforts will not stop and communications have been continuous since the start of the current state of tensions and they have been focused on preventing escalation between Israel and the Palestinian factions," the Egyptian official added.

"Our goal is the continuation of the ceasefire, the stability of the region, and the safeguarding of the potentialities for peace," he stressed.

In May 2021, Egypt mediated a ceasefire between the Palestinian factions in Gaza - including Hamas and the Islamic Jihad - and Israel to stop a devastating Israeli offensive against the strip.

Since then, Egypt has carried out large-scale reconstruction efforts in the Gaza Strip - home to more than 2 million Palestinians who have been living under a 16-year-old Israeli siege.

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