Cairo's Italian Cultural Institute hosts exhibition on art techniques

Reham El-Adawi , Tuesday 21 Mar 2023

The Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo is currently putting on an exhibition titled “Arte e Saperi” (Arts and Knowlegde) by artist Gerardo Lo Russo, showcasing many of the techniques used today to create art.

Artist Gerardo Lo Russo opens the exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute
Artist Gerardo Lo Russo opens the exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute


The exhibition was inaugurated by Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Davide Scalmani and Gerardo Lo Russo.

The exhibition takes the audience into the details of the techniques and methodologies used today to make art. The intent is to show how the knowledge used in Italian educational institutions, from oil painting to sculpture, from artistic techniques applied to information technology, to performances and installations, represent the vast world of contemporary creative development.

Artistic dialogue with other countries is also meant to increase mutual knowledge and pursue the ideal of creative freedom, and the artist's constant aspiration.

For his part, Scalmani has indicated that "promoting contemporary Italian art in the world is an objective that Italian cultural institutions seek to achieve. In some aspects, this goal represents a challenge to the traditional forms of knowledge on which our country's image abroad is based."

Russo was born in Trevico Vallesaccarda in 1948, studied at the Art School in Naples with De Fiori and in Palermo with Gambino, and then graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome with Fazzini.

From 1963 to 1972, he studied, traveled and carried out artistic research between Rome, Paris and Zurich and actively collaborated in the production of works of art by famous masters of the time: Afro, Battaglia, Bill, Burri, Dorazio, Capogrossi, Chagall, Consagra, Cordio, Corpora, Manzù, Matta, Mirko, Mirò, Moore, Novelli, Pasmore, Pepper, Perilli, Picasso, Pomodoro, Porzano, Richter, Rotko, Ruta, Santomaso, Scialoja, Scarpa, Smith, Soto, Vasarelly, Vedova and Verne.

His artwork is on display at the Galleria di Fiamma Vigo in Rome, Florence, and Venice, and in the Centre de la Gravure in Geneva.

In 2007, he occupied the post of the Director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome until 2013, after teaching special graphics techniques. Then he became the vice president of the academy, and now he is an honourary member of the Russian Academy of Arts and participated in several artistic initiatives in Azerbaijan and China.

The exhibition will remain on view at the Italian Cultural Institute in Zamalek until 31 March.

The previous edition of the exhibition was held in June 2022 at the Academy of Rome.

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