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Towards curbing inflation

The Central Bank of Egypt’s recent decision to maintain key interest rates and raise the reserve ratio is part of a strategy to lower inflation and support growth.

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Towards curbing inflation

Africa on the climate agenda

Eman Ragab

Climate action has been high on the international community’s agenda for years, as can be seen from the meetings ...

Point-blank: Moving the UK Embassy in Israel

Mohamed Salmawy

Truss had only moved into 10 Downing Street earlier this month after Queen Elizabeth II had officially mandated her to ...

Missing issues at UNGA

Al-Ahram Weekly Editorial

Adding to the urgency was the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin chose the General Debate opening day to announce ...


Abdel-Moneim Said

An especially disturbing and bewildering phenomenon of recent times is the rush of developments that so defy classification ...

Multilateralism in a politicised world

Hussein Haridy

On 20 September, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres inaugurated the high-level debate in the framework of the 77th ...

No pleasure without consumerism

Sameh Fawzy

Sex today has turned into profitable commerce. But this is not a new story. For a long time, some women have chosen or ...

The global economy and the Ukraine war

Amr Wagdy

Once the world began to cautiously catch its breath after the lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, whose effects ...

Investment in the balance

Ziad Bahaa-Eldin

My position on welcoming national and foreign investment – whether greenfield, brownfield, or acquisition of existing ...

A royal call for coexistence

Hussein Haridy

I have kept it for more than 25 years and consider it to be an important guidebook, a royal one at that, to chart a renewed ...

Bachir Gemayel ­— Lebanon’s past and future

Tarek Osman

Bachir Gemayel was president of Lebanon for 21 days, until he was assassinated almost exactly 40 years ago. He was, ...

Big tech silencing Palestine

Amira Saber

“Google has signed a contract with the Russian army offering it advanced technologies amid the war on Ukraine: ...

Diplomacy rather than escalation in Ukraine

Al-Ahram Weekly Editorial

For the US-European alliance seeking to defeat Russia, those setbacks were hailed as major victories, particularly as ...

Loss and damage: The case of Pakistan

Mahmoud Mohieldin

In a year of the extraordinary droughts, floods, fires and other disasters that climate change has visited on different ...

Two scenes

Abdel-Moneim Said

It was James Rosenau who came up with the law of motion for states and societies in the post-Cold War era. He said they ...

Point-blank: European right

Mohamed Salmawy

Some European countries are suffering from the consequences of the sanctions just as much as, if not more than their ...


Silver at first show

Playing for the first time, Egypt’s wheelchair handball team finished second at the inaugural World Championship held in Cairo, reports Abeer Anwar

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Silver at first show