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Like many Americans, I was overjoyed by news that a Georgia jury had found three white men guilty of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, a young Black man.

Once again, gallons of ink are being spilled on articles arguing for and against US efforts to secure a new nuclear weapons pact with Iran. Will Iran return to the talks? Will the US agree to Iranian terms (and vice versa)? And at this point, do the Iranians even want a deal?

Hyper-partisanship has resulted in a paralyzed Congress that can't pass legislation to save lives from disease or guns, protect the environment, or even ensure the right to vote.

When Tunisian President Kais Saied dismissed the country's prime minister and closed the Parliament, he said he was doing so to "restore social peace...and save the state."

25 years after I wrote my memo to Clinton, we have arrived at this sorry state of affairs. Israel, acting with impunity born of the neglect of Palestinian rights and the enabling hand of successive US presidents and Congresses

Discussing the possibility of drought in the Arab world.

Mourning the state of things in Lebanon

'Let me start with Israel and Hamas. I'll never understand what Israel feels it gains by massively bombing Gaza, destroying buildings, hospitals, and the desalination and power plants'

Taking the Republicans to task

A look at Israel and the religious right

Reflecting on ongoing US debates about Palestine

Engaging with the situation in Palestine

What is the significance of Washington recognising the Armenian Genocide

Experiencing fear and loathing in a review of the results of the Israeli election

Assessing the ongoing Israeli election

Digging deep into the discontent driving the white nationalist movement

James Zogby assesses the last two decades of American politics

After Bush,Obama and Trump, James Zogby considers how Joe Biden might approach the Middle East

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