Abdel-Moneim Said's Articles

Abdel-Moneim Said analyses the situation of Arabs in a changing world

Abdel-Moneim Said assesses a new American century

Keeping up with developments in US-China relations.

Every writer has a major weakness. Mine is a reluctance to write about other writers whom I knew personally on the occasion of their anniversary their birth or their death. If I plan to write at all.

Analysing ongoing transformations in the Biden administration.

Pondering Washington’s changing policy

Mediating on the limits of power

The withdrawal of the US from the Middle East and beyond is being met by moves to calm tensions among the countries of the region and to bring about reconciliation

A broader look at the global situation

Keeping up with Afghanistan

Thinking about the current climate crisis

Abdel-Moneim Said marks the centennial of the Chinese Communist Party

Abdel-Moneim Said compares Netenyahu and Trump’s efforts to overturn election results

Abdel-Moneim Said assesses and reassesses the situation in Palestine

Abdel-Moneim Said comments on Biden’s meeting with the Russian president

Weighing in on the Bill Gates divorce

However, sometimes they continue to sound until the front reaches what strategists term a stability point

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