Abdel-Moneim Said's Articles

Abdel-Moneim Said registers the phenomenon of developments that defy reason

The dichotomy of cooperation and conflict.

What kind of horrors will next winter bring?

A wave of alarm swept the Arab region late last month. Deadly violence broke out in the Green Zone in Baghdad and rival militias clashed in the Libyan capital at the same time.

Jared Kushner’s memoir attempts to set Trump’s record as a leader who had a big role to play in the US and its history despite his shortcomings.

Abdel-Moneim Said heralds an Arab future already undwerway.

Abdel-Moneim Said shares his thoughts on a new book of wide-ranging relevance

God damn dogmatism. Its hyperbole, reductionism and recklessness serve only to tear peoples and nations apart and throw the world into upheaval.

Abdel-Moneim Said asks whether there could be a new Europe in the Middle East

Drawing on Cold War history for comparison, Abdel-Moneim Said reviews unfolding developments in Arab-American relations

Abdel-Moneim Said celebrates humanity’s endless fascination with the heavens

Abdel-Moneim Said anticipates the significance of the upcoming Jeddah summit

Abdel-Moneim Said discusses Biden’s upcoming meeting with nine Arab leaders

Abdel-Moneim Said remembers the 1967 War.

Abdel-Moneim Said discusses Cairo and Riyadh’s strategic relations

Abdel-Moneim Said uses a famous Swiss play to analyse unfolding international relations

Abdel-Moneim Said analyses the Arabs’ favourite argument against the West.

Abdel-Moneim Said takes stock of the current bump in US-Gulf relations.

Abdel-Moneim Said remembers the 1948 Palestinian Nakba.

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, writes Abdel-Moneim Said, analysts have pondered four questions

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