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The inauguration of new South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol took place earlier this month, signalling a possible new departure in the country’s politics, writes Hussein Haridy

The military involvement of NATO in the war in Ukraine is becoming a serious threat to international peace and security and has brought the world closer than ever to the use of nuclear weapons.

The West’s double standards on Israeli actions in Palestine and the war in Ukraine explain why the silent majority in Egypt and the Arab world does not support its reaction to the Russian invasion.

The stark difference between US and Israeli plans for a New Middle East and the unchanging reality of Israel as an occupying power remains, as two recent pictures from the Middle East reveal.

The war in Ukraine means that Egypt must re-examine its options in the highly polarised international order that is now taking shape, writes Hussein Haridy

The reestablishment of European security over the years to come must include Russia if it is to be sustainable in the long run.

The West has not signalled that it is ready to engage Russia diplomatically to end the war in Ukraine, instead turning the conflict into an all-out confrontation.

The US and former USSR drew back from nuclear confrontation in the Cuban Missile Crisis, but 60 years later the two superpowers have been sucked into a destructive storm in Ukraine.

The West is escalating the situation in Ukraine militarily, economically, and financially, with the intention not only of isolating Russia, but also of destroying it.

The war in Ukraine must be stopped before all sides reach the point of no return.

Proposals for a new European security architecture should be on the table in any serious talks to solve the Ukraine crisis, writes Hussein Haridy

Could track two diplomacy lead to a negotiated solution to the crisis over Ukraine?

The way the Ukrainian crisis is solved will have a lasting effect worldwide, with the resort to a military solution being disastrous for all concerned.

The major players in the confrontation over Ukraine may be looking for a climbdown while at the same time claiming victory.

If war erupts in Eastern Europe over Ukraine, no power will be able to control its consequences.

The crisis over Ukraine poses a threat to international peace and security if all sides do not ponder their future steps calmly and avoid warmongering, writes Hussein Haridy

The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis could provide useful lessons for the West and Russia as they seek to combine diplomacy and deterrence to avoid armed conflict, writes Hussein Haridy

The Arab world is still searching for consensus on the critical questions that face it, casting shadows on this year’s planned Arab Summit meeting in Algiers, writes Hussein Haridy

There have been few indications of preparations for next year’s Arab Summit in Algeria apart from among the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, writes Hussein Haridy

Democratic aspirations have stalled across the Arab world, drawing attention to the principles that must be in place before they can succeed, writes Hussein Haridy

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