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In announcing his intention to stand for the Republican nomination in the next US presidential elections, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has a gruelling road ahead of him, writes Hussein Haridy

Four international summit meetings took place in Asia last week, with each sending out important messages on a changing global order.

Last week’s high-level talks between the US and China aimed at increasing engagement between the two superpowers in order to maintain open channels of communication.

Arab League Resolution 8914 readmitting Syria to the Arab fold is an Arab roadmap that will help to find a resolution to the Syrian crisis in step with UN Security Council Resolution 2254, writes Hussein Haridy

The recent visit of South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol to Washington was a reminder of the escalation on the Korean Peninsula and the growing tensions in the Indo-Pacific region

The European countries have been presenting a common position on relations with China, but there are important differences between them, writes Hussein Haridy

China reacted with extensive military manoeuvres around Taiwan in response to a transit visit to the US by the Taiwanese president last week, writes Hussein Haridy

Syria may be invited to attend the next Arab Summit meeting in Saudi Arabia in May with a view to its proper reintegration back into the Arab fold, writes Hussein Haridy

Last week’s visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to Moscow was a sign of the determination of China and Russia to reshape the international order to serve their interests as great powers, writes Hussein Haridy

The normalisation of relations between Egypt and Turkey is in the interest of both countries, but Turkey must first reconsider its policies in the Middle East.

From the standpoint of Middle East politics, 10 March was an exceptionally significant date.

Recent statements by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have provided further evidence of the real nature of the present Israeli government.

As the war in Ukraine entered its second year, it is to be hoped that all the parties will work together to bring an end to this senseless and needless military conflict.

There were few glimmers of hope at this year’s Munich Security Conference, with only the Chinese delegation putting forward proposals for peace in Ukraine.

This year’s State of the Union Address saw the re-emergence of an imperial strand in US foreign policy.

The shooting down of an alleged Chinese spy balloon by the US this week has led to the postponement of an important US-Chinese meeting.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken makes at least one surprising admission on his recent visit to Cairo.

The Élysée Treaty between France and the former West Germany was signed 60 years ago this year, and there is every reason to celebrate, writes Hussein Haridy

The visit by the prime minister of Japan to Washington last week may mark the end of US cheque-book diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific region, with Japan committing greater resources to its own defence.

The China-Russia summit meeting at the end of December ushered in a new year of high-stakes interactions between the world’s great powers, writes Hussein Haridy

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